Zeldathon Charity Event

Zeldathon is a gaming marathon that celebrates The Legend of Zelda series for charity. The people behind it have held successful marathons in the past, and they are due to start another one soon! The marathon will start on the 19th of June, and the first game to kick it off will be Skyward Sword, followed by The Minish Cap. They will even be getting round to playing the Wand of Gamelon and Faces of Evil.

Right now the event hasn’t even started yet but has already raised almost $6,000. The group is hoping to raise at least $100,000 once the marathon ends on the 24th of June. The money raised will go to a charity called Charity Water, an organization that provides clean water for people in the developing world.

Visit the Zeldathon website for more information about the event. You can also go there to donate.