ZeldaCraft 1.8 Update

ZeldaCraft, our Zelda-themed MineCraft server, is now accepting 1.8 clients! You’ll be able to connect with Minecraft version 1.7 too, if you are still using that game version. Note that 1.8 features, such as rabbits, will not be available on the server as of yet – this update simply allows users running Minecraft 1.8 to connect too a server which is still running on 1.7.

Due to the recent issues with the CraftBukkit project, we have no idea when we will be able to have 1.8 features on the server. The halt on CraftBukkit development leaves us and many servers across the world without the ability to support 1.8, but hopefully either CraftBukkit will eventually continue or a spin-off project being developed by many ex-bukkit developers (Sponge) gets going quickly!