Zelda Twilight Princess Cheats

Wallet Upgrades
To get the Big Wallet, give Agatha in Hyrule Castle Town one golden bug. To get the Giant Wallet, you'll need all 24 of the golden bugs. Refer to our golden bugs guide to find out where to get the golden bugs!

Bomb Bag Upgrades
There are three bomb bags in the game. There is also an additional upgrade that doubles the capacity of all current bomb bags you have, and any that you get in the future. The first bomb bag can be found on sale in the Kakariko item shop, after you complete the second dungeon. You get the second one as a reward for freeing the goron from the giant lava rock in Zora's Domain, and you get the third by destroying the rock barriers in the canoe mini game. To get the capacity upgrade, you have to score 25 points or greater in the canoe mini game.