Skyward Sword Crystal Ball Quest

Welcome to the first of our Skyward Sword guides! This guide tells you how to finish the Skyward Sword Crystal Ball quest. The reward for this quest is 5 gratitude crystals playstation update herunterladen.

The Skyward Sword Crystal Ball quest is initiated after you seal The Imprisoned for the second time. Go to Skyloft and head to the fortune teller’s house (it’s to the far east side of the town) downloaden openoffice gratis. Talk to the fortune teller and he will tell you about his missing crystal ball.

To find the crystal ball, go to the Eldin Volcano and head to the entrance to the Earth Temple videoen programm. The crystal ball is right above the temple entrance, but you’ll find you can’t reach it. If you point your sword around, you’ll be able to detect it:

Skyward Sword Crystal Ball quest

To reach the ledge, go towards the left of the entrance herunterladen. You’ll find an air vent which you can use to parachute up the ledge:

Getting to the air vent!

Next, equip the Clawshot and use it to travel over to the platform with the crystal ball on itunes gekauften filmen. Fi will appear, mentioning the fortune teller’s crystal ball and will get Scrapper to pick up the item. Now take the item back to the fortune teller and you’ve finished the Skyward Sword Crystal Ball quest herunterladen! As usual, your reward will be five gratitude crystals.