Zelda Monopoly!

There seems to be a Monopoly set for just about anything, so why not The Legend of Zelda? This edition is due for release on September 15, and you are able to preorder it now. The game’s money is of course rupees, and all the usual Monopoly locations are replaced with Zelda ones, including Clock Town, Gerudo Desert, and Skyloft. Treasure chests are in place of community chests, while chance spaces are occupied by empty bottles. The game will also have a set of specific Zelda-themed rules, such as the addition of six ‘item power cards’ (not certain yet what they do).

The tokens that come with the game are: a bow, hookshot, boomerang, Hylian shield, and a Triforce. Also, you’ll get an Ocarina token if you preorder the game from Gamestop.

You can have a look at what the board looks like by clicking here.

Hyrule Warriors – Fi Trailer

Tecmo released a new character trailer for the upcoming Hyrule Warriors game, this time showing the Skyward Sword character Fi. Fi has some pretty interesting abilities, including a special power that turns herself into a master sword that takes a huge slice at all nearby enemies. The general characteristic of her combat skills is based on dance moves.

Fi is not the only feature from Skyward Sword available in the game – Ghirahim will be making an appearance and Skyloft will be available as a map to fight on!

Hyrule Warriors – Princess Zelda Trailer

Traditionally, Princess Zelda has been a supporting character in the Legend of Zelda games but things are different in the series’ newest spin-off, Hyrule Warriors.

Link is nowhere to be seen in the gameplay footage in the trailer below, instead you’ll see Zelda showing off her fighting skills! She wields a rapier as her primary physical weapon, but we also see her firing a bow with light arrows and blasting enemies away with magical abilities.

I’m not sure if Hyrule Warriors will be received with absolute critical acclaim – can hacking away at constant waves of enemies really entertain you for hours on end? Nonetheless I expect the game will be good fun and by far the best Zelda spin-off yet.

Zelda Wii U Confirmed

Years after Skyward Sword was released, Nintendo have finally announced a new Zelda game! The game is due for release sometime in 2015. In case you missed E3, you can watch the first gameplay video of the game by clicking the video below.

The graphics look excellent, and the game looks very promising if you go by the words of Eiji Aonuma. In a surprising break with past Zelda tradition, Aonuma says the new Wii U Zelda will feature a massive overworld which players will explore freely. He talked about how players will no longer follow a set path like in past Zelda games but instead play the game their own way.

Towards the end of the video Aonuma finishes talking and you can watch a brief trailer for the game. Perhaps the trailer’s most interesting feature is the main character featured fighting a monster. Aonuma told one reporter at E3 that this character, who sports a ponytail and a blue outfit, may not necessarily be Link. Could this game be the first official Zelda title to feature a main character that isn’t Link? Have a look for yourself by watching Aonuma’s talk and the trailer below:

Hyrule Warriors Release Date

Nintendo finally announced the release date of Hyrule Warriors during E3. They have confirmed that the game will be released this year on September 26th.

The Dynasty Warriors-based spin-off will probably be all the new content Zelda fans will get until the new Wii U Zelda is out next year!

Hyrule Warriors to feature traditional voice acting

Nintendo recently announced that Hyrule Warriors will feature traditional Zelda-style voice acting. Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma recently said that he wanted Hyrule Warriors to break from Zelda traditions, but it looks like this game will feature the same voice style of the other Zelda games, with characters uttering a sound rather than actually speaking. Expect to hear plenty of Link’s battle cries, though I’m not sure if Navi’s incessant pestering will feature in the game.

This announcement will disappoint fans who want to see voice acting in Zelda games, but perhaps Nintendo felt the series still isn’t ideal for it – or maybe, if they do want to introduce voice acting some time in the future, they felt it would be wrong to first introduce it in a spin-off game. Hyrule Warriors has already broken with the traditions of Zelda through its genre alone, but it will be interesting to see how else Nintendo steers Zelda in a new direction with it.

Ironmanmode Charity Stream Event

Although this post is not Zelda related, the event seems like a good cause so if you have some spare time check it out. Ironmanmode.com is holding a live-streamed gaming marathon, featuring a virtual flight around the world. It will last for 72 hours, and all donations received will go to the charity Child’s Play.

You can view a video about the event as well as additional details here: Ironmanmode.com

Twilight Princess Minecraft Texture Pack


Here’s a recently updated texture pack themed from Twilight Princess, called Twilicraft. At the time of writing the pack is 95% done, is available to download, and is compatible with the latest Minecraft version (1.7.8).

The texture pack’s style is detailed and gloomy, and the enemy skins look particularly good. To download the texture pack, just visit the link to its project page below.

Download Link