Thank you for expressing interest in donating to ZeldaCraft. We appreciate all donations, as they help keep the site and server up and running.

Donations - Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do with my money?
All donations recieved go towards the costs of hosting our website and Minecraft server. Any excess amounts of money are carried over to the next month's hosting costs.

What are the VIP ranks?
There are two ranks: VIP, and VIP Elite. Donate $5 for VIP, or $10 for VIP Elite. If you are already of the normal VIP rank, you only have to donate $5 to get the VIP Elite rank.

If I donate for a VIP rank, how long do I get it for?
Your VIP rank is permanent - you only have to donate once for it.

How do I donate?
We accept donations via paypal. You do not need a paypal account to donate - you can either use an existing paypal account, or use a card. To donate, simply click on the paypal "donate" button at the bottom of this page. You will have the opportunity to leave a message when you donate, you should include your minecraft username so I can upgrade you to VIP. Alternatively, you can contact me with proof of your donation.

VIP Ranks

VIP (Donate $5)
» Access to the /kit advanced command: spawns you a full set of diamond tools/weapons.
» Access to VIP World (/warp vip), a freebuild creative world exclusive to VIP users.
» Access to the Multihome system, allowing you to set an ulimited number of home warps.
» Get 2,500 rupees (in-game money) to spend on whatever you want at the shops :)

VIP Elite (Donate $10)
» VIP Elite users get access to all the normal VIP features, plus:
» Access to the /kit elite command: spawns you a full set of diamond armor (and some cookies!).
» Chat formatting: Ability to style your messages (e.g. bold text, colored text)
» Name formatting: Set your nickname's style and color
» Sign formatting: Style up the text on your signs
» Priority Access: Access the server even when all the player slots are filled.

Note that if you want to upgrade from VIP to VIP Elite, you need only donate $5.


If you're ready to donate, thank you for supporting the server. Click the button below to begin the donation process.