Link’s Awakening Rom Hack

Link's Awakening BETA have released a hack for Link’s Awakening DX, which revamps the game into a whole new quest in 80 tagen um die welt vollversion kostenlos downloaden. Dungeons have been redesigned, new puzzles have been introduced, and the game’s difficulty has been increased. Here’s a brief summary of the game from the project’s page:

“New Awakening is a full hack of Link’s Awakening featuring broad revisions to all eight dungeons and minor textual edits, overworld edits, and sequence fixes to support a new dungeon order, as well as cosmetic edits to all dungeons and parts of the overworld sims 1 for free in full german. The difficulty is substantially increased, with new puzzles as well as new monster encounters, but backtracking is minimal, difficult puzzles offer subtle clues, extra resources are available where needed, and the challenges do not require perfect foresight, guesswork, perfect reflexes, repetition, or save states.”

According to the author, the game’s first few dungeons are fairly similar to the original game, but as you progress the dungeons get increasingly unfamiliar pou herunterladen kostenlos. Looks like a great hack – I’ll certainly give it a go!