Link’s Awakening Development Screenshots

The folks over at Glitterberri have uncovered a bunch of early Link’s Awakening screenshots from when it was nearing completion, but still in its development stages wissenschaftliche artikel herunterladen. With Link’s Awakening being my favourite Zelda game, I had to post some here and comment on the differences between the beta and release versions playmemories home software herunterladen!

First, the menu screen herunterladen. Generally this remains unchanged in the final version, but many of the items it contains are different. The developers must have decided to introduce stricter limits on the number of items you could hold, as here it looks like you could hold up to 99 of any stackable item, compared to the 60 limit in the final version bewerbungsdesigns kostenlosen. You can also hold multiple secret potions, whereas you are limited to only one in the final release (perhaps they significantly boosted the healing effect of the potion to compensate for this) 3d programm kostenlosen deutsch.
The flame rod also has a different design: as well as a different sprite icon, it also has a limited number of uses. Whatever way you were meant to charge it must have been removed from the game programm video downloaden kostenlos. Finally, there are some unfamiliar items in the inventory screen. There is a guardian acorn, though no piece of power. An odd-looking key has taken the place of the Face Key windows 7 home editionen. There’s also a weird item beside the Yoshi Doll, it could be a coin, food – I’m really not sure what it is meant to be.

It looks like the developers thought the mandatory part of the trendy game was too difficult, and decided to move the Yoshi Doll into the center so it could remain stationary eps datei öffnen download kostenlos. The weird unused item also features here, being replaced by another rupee prize in the final game.

The map looks reasonably similar to the final version, but with some key differences wolfenstein 3d kostenlos. Mr Write’s house is gone, though it may still have existed in the game – they probably just intended in the final version to make it easier to remember where he was videos aus facebook herunterladen. Some areas seem to have undergone significant redevelopment. The Koholint Prairie (the dotted areas beside the mysterious woods) is much larger than in the final version. Most significantly, the developers may have completely redesigned Tal Tal Heights. The image above is 16×15 squares large, meaning the top row is cut off and that the Tal Tal Heights occupied three whole rows in the development version (in the final version, it only occupies two rows). The sprites used to designate the mountains also changed dramatically from development to final release, supporting the theory of a redesign, since the development sprites are different in style and shape to the final version. On the other hand, the sprites for Richard’s Castle had a makeover from development to release, but still retain the same basic layout.

Perhaps the screenshot above indicates a significant redesign of Tal Tal Heights. The bridge in the final version of Link’s Awakening has a much different design to this, and according to GlitterBerri the background used on this scene doesn’t exist in the final version of the game.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my speculations. If you want to see more information and screenshots, head over to GlitterBerri using the link above at the top of this post.