Hyrule Warriors DLC

Hyrule Warriors is due for release in a few days, and Koie Tecmo, the company developing the game, recently announced they will be releasing a series of DLC expansions for it. Features include new characters, new maps, and more. The first pack is out on October 16th, with four packs due for release in total. If you pre-order every pack for $20, you get an additional new character, Dark Link, for no extra cost. In addition to the paid packs, you’ll be able to download a free one when the game is released that unlocks three characters: Cia, Volga, and Wizzro.

The first pack is called the ‘Master Quest’ pack, and the second is themed around Twilight Princess. The third pack will contain content relating to Majora’s Mask, whilst the final one centers around Ganon. Have a look at the list below for more details about the packs.

Master Quest Pack (October)
New weapon, new scenario, new adventure map, 2x new costumes

Twilight Princess Pack (November)
New weapon, new character, new adventure map, 2x new costumes

Majora’s Mask Pack (January)
2x new characters, new adventure map, 3x new costumes

Ganon Pack (February)
Two new game modes