Zelda Link's Awakening on Switch!

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Are you excited for Link's Awakening on Switch?


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  2. Yes

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  3. Kind of

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  4. Not that interested but i might give it a shot

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  1. YoYo188

    YoYo188 Hylian Citizen

    It's confirmed (yes this thread is a little late), Link's Awakening is coming to the Switch, are you hyped or not really? Personally when i first saw the cutscene i wasn't sure what it was, i thought maybe it was LA but i wan't sure, then as i saw the boat i got really excited. Although when i first saw the art style i was skeptical though once i looked at it again the next day (meaning after i'd gotten a good night's sleep) it started to grow on me, although i hope that the overworld music isn't the same as the trailer music, though i doubt that it is.
  2. 1of6boys

    1of6boys Deku Scrub

    Chants Oracle of Ages and Seasons remake

    Anyways, I really LOVE the art style. Can't wait to see Wart, Anti-Kirby, and the Shy Guys in this style.
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  3. YoYo188

    YoYo188 Hylian Citizen

    OMG i hadn't even thought about the Oracle games! They could be made with the same engine! I'm telling you it's going to happen sooner or later. Also, me too i think the Art Style is great.
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