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Discussion in 'Legend of Zelda Discussion' started by Prachi Lomde, Feb 26, 2019.

  1. Prachi Lomde

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    I admit that I've only played four Zelda games in my life (Link's Awakening, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess) and completed three of them (not Link's Awakening). But the three that I did finish make me wonder how a sort of crossover free netflix tech news android 9 type of game would work. Breath of the Wild included elements of those three games and more in terms of inventory, but they were there more as Easter eggs. I never got myself to play Breath of the Wild because as a completionist, it looked too overwhelming to finish 100%.

    Primarily what I want from a new Zelda game is one where Ganondorf, in a prelude to the final showdown, remarks upon going up against Fierce Deity and/or his own Phantom Ganon like we saw in Breath of the Wild. Like an official canonical showdown between either version of Link and Ganondorf. And entering the final battle as one version would trigger a different response.
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    What I want is very similar to Thor Ragnarok. Picture this: The game begins with BOTW Link with Zelda and then they are attacked by Majora (human reincarnation like Hylia, Nayru, Farore, and Din). You battle Majora with the Master Sword then you do the final blow like in Twilight Princess Ganondorf. Majora gets up, pulls the master sword out of his body, then, right in front of Link and Zelda, breaks the Master Sword like it was a stick. Majora then grabs the triforce from Zelda then drains it which causes Hyrule to decay like in Link Between Worlds' Lorule. The goal of the game is finding the Reincarnations of Nayru, Farore, and Din to beat Majora. So basically a crossover of BOTW with MM and the Oracle games.
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    The only good game is OoT
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    I think my ideal Zelda game would be a mix between TP, MM and BOTW. And what i'm about to say isn't what i want from the next Zelda game but from the final Zelda game. Picture this, Ganon, has turned into pure malice no corporeal form (kind of like he was in BOTW) except he's become too strong even the light arrows don't damage him, only stun him for a brief period of time, so Link has to go into the Sacred Realm and use the Triforce to destroy Ganon. But, he unknowingly destroyed him across all timelines and all timeframes, and this event ruptured the overworld into different time periods (Hyrule Castle is from OOT, Lost Woods from Alttp, Death Mountain from TP, etc.) And the dungeons are from past Zelda games, 2d and 3d alike plus some new ones in there, same for the items. Once Link has conquered all dungeons, he goes back to where it all started, he's proven himself worthy and goes to the Sealed Grounds, enters the portal and fights Demise one last time, once Link defeats him, Demise curses Link with his dying breath just like he did in SS except this time the curse is cast upon this new Link for the old one is nowhere to be seen, and with this the timeline is restored. I think that would be the best way to end the Zelda series (in another 30 years or longer... i don't want it to end!)
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    That is a very interesting idea. Kinda doubt the franchise will ever end. Now what if at that final battle, he does the Final Smash that Young Link and Toon Link do in Ultimate. Because that Final Smash looks awesome.
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    Ooh that would be interesting! But maybe make said final smash more... divine. The light of the Triforce shining over before Link deals the final blows, Link's Triforce of courage showing on his hand. And then Link starts his Final Smash or in this case Final Slash. Maybe a little slower though, to make it more dramatic.
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