Would I Like The Nes/Snes games?

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    I've recently bought a new 3ds and am trying to work through a big pile of games on my list.

    There are in particular, quite a few virtual console games that I mean to buy, and one that I'm currently curious about is the legendary Link to The Past.

    I've typically only enjoyed the big 3d zelda games like Ocarina, Twilight Princess, or Majoras Mask.

    I've not played a ton of the more top down 2D zeldas, although I've done a Link Between Worlds and Four Swords.

    What I have played of that style of Zelda, I wasn't that crazy for.

    At this point I don't remember a ton of Link Between Worlds and actually mean to replay it, just to see how much I will enjoy it.

    If I've not been that passionate about the 2D games and I didn't end up having that good a time with Link Between Worlds, would there be any chance I felt differently about Link to the past, or the nes classics?

    I'd love to really enjoy Link to the Past like so many people and see what makes it so good. Just wouldn't want to waste money on all these classic games if I couldn't get into them
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    Zelda Link to the Past is an adventure to live more than describe, this episode is an ode to adventure, discovery, wonder ... So immense that words can not summarize, the only thing What I can tell you is that if you have never had the opportunity to play this masterpiece, do not hesitate! You'll thank me later ...

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