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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by Daninator, Apr 26, 2019.

  1. Daninator

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    I've noticed a lot of players looking to acquire items like the Master Sword and the Helm of the Forgotten well after their respective events have concluded. My suggestion would be to have a permanent build in which player can exchange new event items with old ones. To prevent this from being broken, certain restrictions could apply:

    -hefty fees for every exchange
    -a limited number of exchanges in a given period of time
    -items that cannot be traded

    I feel I emphasize that this is not a way to EARN items: the only way to acquire these items to begin with would be to participate in events.

    Perhaps, for further balance (given how powerful event items often are) the option to exchange items could be awarded only to those who complete an insanely difficult dungeon: one without checkpoints, and with death traps, dead ends, multiplayer requirements, a gauntlet of enemies and challenging puzzles (themed around a Zelda Endgame dungeon like Ganon's tower?) that would be placed in the builds world, so players could use what they've acquired in survival. This would give all players a rewarding goal to chase, and encourage more people to play in survival. (It would also allow builders of this dungeon to be as merciless as possible.)
    I can definitely see something like this making a good addition to ZC
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  2. nasfi

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    The event item trade sounds nice. I'd like for you to define though what you mean by "items that cannot be traded".

    I don't know about the "powerful multiplayer dungeon" requirement, one thing is that people can't use the survival items in the dungeons world cause different inventories (plus people could find loopholes with items such as flingshot and elytra with a firework).

    I've been thinking about hosting random quick events for those who would like to get older event items (such as treat pie, santa hat). Those random quick events would be either hiding those items around a build we have (e.g windfall island), which gives players the opportunity to explore some of the builds we have. Also things like hide & seek could have reward an old event item. Quick fun things that could get the community to interact with eachother but also have fun
  3. Daninator

    Daninator Deku Scrub

    A scavenger hunt type event could be fun, and wouldn't be very demanding to set up I imagine. By 'cannot be traded' , I meant, cannot be traded immediately. Some time would have to pass after the initial event before it's item is made available.
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    ah makes sense

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