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Discussion in 'ZeldaCraft' started by YoYo188, Nov 22, 2018.

  1. YoYo188

    YoYo188 Hylian Citizen

    Ok, well as you all know ZC isn't as active as it was anymore, so i was thinking what better way to help it gain activity than to add some suggestions, so if you want to add a suggestion feel free to do so on this thread.

    I've also got a suggestion of my own: Minigames! Here are a few examples:

    Horse Race: Self explanatory but it would be more than just a regular horse race, imagine something like Mario Kart with items (in this case Zelda themed items) such as a bow and arrow, Bombs, Boost! (you'd have 5 just like in Zelda) to give you a little 2 to 3 second speed boost, and the course could be Hyrule Circuit from Mario Kart 8 with some slight alterations to make it work in Minecraft. The winner would get a Prize (Not sure what yet)

    Shooting Gallery: There could be a singleplayer shooting gallery where you would win better prizes the higher the number of targets shot (diamonds, emeralds etc..)

    Shoot-off: It happens in the same place as the Shooting Gallery ( they would be in 2 separate locations with an identical aspect you can't have 2 minigames in 1 map) and it's where 2 or more players face each other in a duel of bows, you have quite a few options in battle: Fire arrows (they set the opponent on fire), Light/Lightning arrows (Creates a blinding light which gives blindness and slowness to the opponent for 5 seconds, Ice/water arrows (they stop the opponent from moving for 5 seconds)

    The Colliseum: It's an arena simillar to the one in Triforce Heroes where 2 or more players are locked in a battle to the death you can use swords, potions, bows, bombs whatever you want (except god mode, cheats and hacks obviously)

    Well, that's all i got for now but i'll probably add more suggestions in the future.
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  2. nasfi

    nasfi Soufla Staff Member

    You've got some points there, but most of the stuff people have already suggested that, and many of those are already considered. To be new dungeons, build, etc, there's a need for players to make them, you can't make them from thin air.

    Advertising is a fair point, but have you considered how much you'd need to pay a YouTuber? I believe that it wouldn't be a low amount.

    About the "new ranks", we made SVIP fairly recent, it's not that you can make a billion ranks, since many perks are limited due to Minecraft's EULA not allowing certain stuff.

    SVIP was launched to help us move to a dedicated server (essentially for most of the things you listed).

    Now all of that is up to @Mark to decide
  3. YoYo188

    YoYo188 Hylian Citizen

    You're right i didn't think about what it would take to make those ideas a reality, there can't be a billion ranks so scrap that,for the dungeons and builds, well i can help build them but i'm not that good with redstone so someone's going to have to do that for the dungeons, and to address the problem of advertising...

    Well i'm thinking something cheap but effective not sure what would work though a YouTuber is not an option... As you said it would take a lot of money and i agree, so that's scrapped.

    About the gamemodes... i don't really know what i was thinking because you can't add gamemodes to minecraft.

    I might make a thread in the future with new (feasible) suggestions in it but for now i'll delete the thread. Anyway it's not my place to make decisions about the future of ZC, it's up to @Mark to decide what the next chapter will be for ZC. Ty for clearing my head up.... at least a little bit :D
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  4. nasfi

    nasfi Soufla Staff Member

    You don't need to delete the thread, other people could throw some ideas as well
  5. YoYo188

    YoYo188 Hylian Citizen

    Alright, but i'll change the title to Suggestions for ZC or something like that and write something which includes suggestions rather than an entire speech.
  6. greenleeuw

    greenleeuw Deku Scrub Staff Member

    if u builded a dungeon u can always dm me and i'll work on some redstone i am not as active as i used to do but i am still willing to help
  7. YoYo188

    YoYo188 Hylian Citizen

    All right i'll dm you if/when i build a dungeon.
  8. negan16

    negan16 Deku Scrub

    Personally, I propose to add some other topics that talk about video games or music for example.

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  9. nasfi

    nasfi Soufla Staff Member

    @negan16 if you're talking about the discord, these channels already exist. If you're talking about the forums, pretty sure threads exist and you could make threads as well about these topics in chitchat and lost woods. Also the Gaming section exists.
  10. ismart22

    ismart22 Deku Scrub

    And unfortunately the gaming section is not active for a very long time :(

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