My mentally inspired tunes and their unrealized greatness

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    These are short tunes I've composed that I'm sharing for now. I don't have the proper instruments for these tunes because I don't know much when it comes to instruments or music in general. Also, when creating melodies, I just create whatever I'm inspired to create.

    I personally think my melodies are awesome. If they sound like awful rubbish to you, then perhaps I just have to find a way to bring out their power and greatness to the audience. Only I'm aware of their power and greatness since I'm the one who created these melodies.

    So, I hear these melodies as awesome and conveying of certain powerful scenes, while other people might hear them as nothing more than noise (i.e. meaningless rubbish). In other words, others might hear them as random tunes, plucked out on an instrument, by a baby.

    In summary, the power and greatness of my melodies currently lurks in the shadows where nobody can see it but me. I will find a way to bring out that power and greatness from the shadows and into the light where the audience can clearly see it.

    I have every reason to think I'm naturally creating great tunes in my head. I could've accurately reproduced (transcribed) these tunes in my head and I just have to find a way to convey their power and greatness to the audience. Or, I didn't accurately reproduce them, and it would be no different than someone who has created an awesome drawing in his head, but was bad at drawing it.

    Either way, someone might say to me that I'm not creating any good music in my head to share to the world. I think I am though. Why is it that I think I'm naturally creating great music in my head, having no knowledge and experience whatsoever in composing? Well, there are two reasons why and I give those reasons below. After that, I share a few of my tunes. So, here are those reasons:

    1.) Even if you're a complete novice who has no knowledge and experience whatsoever in any field of art, you can still naturally create entirely new, great works of art in your head, whether it be through drug trips, dreams, or just plain inspiration. During dreams and drug trips, you witness awesome and beautiful artwork with no effort at all since your brain automatically creates it for you.

    If you've ever talked with people who went on psychedelic trips, I bet they'd tell you they've witnessed beautiful landscapes they've never seen before, met beings they've never met before, and heard angelic music they've never heard before. Psychedelic trips allow any average person to enter beautiful or hellish realms. These realms are great works of art, created by our brains. The beings, music, landscapes, etc. are all beautiful, awesome, hallucinatory works of art.

    Here's a youtube link which explains the amazing, beautiful things people witness during their drug trips. Since our brains are naturally capable of creating such amazing things, then why couldn't my brain naturally create awesome, powerful, and profound music in my mind? I think inspiration alone is all I need to create such music in my mind, which means I don't need to study any rules in music theory to do so. Anyway, here's the youtube link:

    2.) There's an article I'd like to share which talks about how we naturally have remarkable musical abilities. I think one of these abilities is to naturally create great and powerful melodies, themes, and songs in our heads that express the scenes, moments, characters, etc. we wish to express. The article talks about statistical learning which gives our brains these natural abilities. So, technically, our brains already do have musical knowledge.

    Our brains are, thus, naturally capable of following the rules of music theory to create awesome and beautiful music in our minds. That's why I said earlier I don't need to study the rules when my brain has already learned them naturally. But, if that were the case, then why have books on music theory in the first place? If our brains already know all the rules naturally, couldn't we just toss these books away since we don't need them?

    Actually, we still need these books, just as how someone who's not skilled at drawing needs to study the rules of drawing so he can skillfully draw the awesome landscapes, characters, scenes, etc. he's naturally created in his mind. So, just because we can naturally create great works of art in our minds doesn't mean we can skillfully replicate them so we can share them to amaze our audience. That's why the rule books are there to give us the skills we need. There are also online sources that can help you, such as youtube tutorials and lessons.

    Therefore, even though I don't need to study the rules of music theory to create awesome and powerful music in my mind, I do need to study them if I wish to successfully convey my artistic vision to the audience. But, I could be wrong. It's possible our brains aren't naturally capable of creating great works of art in our minds. In which case, I'd need to study the rules to not only create great works of art in my mind, but to successfully convey said works to the audience. Anyway, here's the article:

    With all of this being said, I'm going to share a few of my tunes. I'm not sure what my tunes will sound like for others. However, if people do report that my tunes do convey some sort of emotion or scene, it might not be the emotion or scene I intended to convey since my melodies are only in their beginning stage of development. I must, therefore, find a way to bring out the true power my melodies have for other listeners.

    If you just leave a melody out there for others to listen to, you're just being vague to the audience. You're not articulating exactly what you want to express to the audience. That leaves the melody open to a wide variety of interpretations where one person might see the melody as conveying something, while another person sees the melody as conveying something else. That's why the artist must bring out the absolute power of his/her melody. That way, everyone who listens to it will get to hear what the artist intended to convey.

    It would be like if someone has written a sentence that's unclear to the audience. One person who reads the sentence might get a different message from it than someone else who reads it. But, if the writer makes the sentence absolutely clear to everyone, then everyone will know the real message the writer intended to convey. Anyway, here are the links to my melodies. This dark tune I made is like one of those simple, powerful, repeating melodies you hear during the chorus of a song.

    When you listen to the chorus of songs, you sometimes hear a simple, powerful, repeating melody being sung by a choir. Now, in regards to this melody I've made, it conveys a powerful, evil scene, and you hear a brass instrument in addition to a choir instrument. The brass gives a different feeling. It's supposed to play the other half of this melody. I give the youtube link, soundcloud link, and the link to the music sheet of this accurately transcribed melody so you can listen to it and look at it:

    Youtube Link:

    Soundcloud Link:

    Music Sheet:

    Here's that same dark tune, but with a different instrument that I like:

    Youtube Link:

    Soundcloud Link:

    Here's that same dark tune one more time, but sped up. When sped up, it conveys a different emotion/scene. It sounds serious and dramatic like a video game boss fight. It doesn't sound miserable or sad to me. But, it does sound like a dangerous level or boss fight in a video game. Again, only I can see this since I'm the one who created this melody. Others might still hear this melody as random, meaningless rubbish. Also, as a side note, when you slow down or speed up melodies, they do convey different emotions/scenes than the normal-paced melodies. Anyway, here's the link to this melody:

    Youtube Link:

    Soundcloud Link:

    Lastly, this tune I made is a very haunting one. I'm quite sure I've accurately transcribed this melody. This melody, to me, conveys something very spooky:

    Youtube Link:

    Soundcloud Link:

    Music Sheet:
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