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  1. Grimbly

    Grimbly Deku Scrub

    Hi, It's your friendly neighborhood edge-lord ThatsGrim, or Grim for short.
    Time Zone(GM+?): Eastern Standard
    Reason why I want to be:Being on this server for 4 years now and seeing how so many others who joined around the time I joined apply for mod lead me to realize that the older players, being the older players should keep the server up so that the newer players can see zc as we got to see it when we joined. A tidy, welcome place where players can let their worries sink away, relax and have fun chatting with others.To put it shortly, a sense of duty dawned on me.
    Command experience:Unfortunately I don't really know the most about the commands a mod would use besides the ones outlined in the template such as jailing, banning and inspecting/ undoing griefing, but I am willing to learn.
    Will I be responsible, calm, mature, and trustworthy: rather than act prideful and say I will be responsible, calm, mature and trustworthy, if I do get the chance I will definitely show you through my actions.

    Answers to the questions:
    1. First I would calm the person who received the grief down if they were feeling angry at whomever was responsible. Then I would assess the damage as well as undo it(with /co inspect and /co rollback), while also asking the griefer or griefers(depending if they were on) why they did what they did, determine a suitable punishment for said griefer(s) and then deal out such punishments, giving people who have griefed 20 blocks or more who had the intent to do so temp-ban of a day or two, giving people in the same category but didn't know they were griefing jail time for 5-10 hours, and people who didn't realize what they were doing or people who intentionally griefed less than 10 blocks one or two hours of jail time. Of course people who do grief again, intentional or not will receive a lengthier penalty whether it be more jail or tempbanning, hopefully not eventually receiving a ban after say(this Is just an example) 5 griefs.
    So in essence:
    •20 blocks or more and intentional= tempban of a day or two.
    •20 blocks or more and unintentional=jail of five-ten hours.
    •10 blocks or less intentionally or people not knowing what they were doing= one to two hours of jail.
    •The more a player griefs the bigger the sentencing, the following above are examples.
    •After a set number of griefs(subject to change) a player will receive a ban.

    2.I'd ask what they were arguing about, attempting to calm each respective side down while simultaneously trying to end the argument. Though there's no way of telling what the argument is about, I would keep a level head and try to use reason to resolve the argument, without bias toward any player. If they were to continue to argue and disregard my attempts to stop said arguement, I would mute the players involved for 5-15 minutes as a warning, muting them for 15-25 minutes of they continue and 25-60 minutes and/or a kicking after that.

    3. (starting to sound repetitive) I'd ask why they were doing what they were doing as the more you know the better you can understand a situation or what a player is thinking then ignore them or attempt to dissolve the situation with reason. If it becomes excessive(say after a full day of banter) I would give them a temp mute of around 30 minutes, and if it continues after that that would lead to a kick or a tempban of a day. If it happens after that I would most likely ask the people around me about whether what the person is saying is true about me, and try to change myself. If the claims aren't rooted in fact I would probably refuse to help the player handle any issues down the line, and be stricter with that player regarding the rules. An outright ban for doing something like that wouldn't fix anything, just get the person angrier.

    4.If they didn't know that entering a house without permission was against the rules I'd let them off with a warning, but if they're intentionally doing it to annoy someone then I would most likely jail them for 30 minutes to 1 and a half hours, seeing as how it would be around the equivalent of a small intentional grief, annoying but not too bad. If it were to escalate to one or two times after a jailing I would ramp it up to more hours of jail time up until a kick or a temp ban.

    That would be my application for mod, thank you for your time.
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  2. nasfi

    nasfi Soufla Staff Member

    I saw this today on the server's chat discord channel.

    Thing is, it's a good app, but you can't make an app and vanish and expect to be accepted. Only times I saw you being active is once in a while popping in the #server_chat discord channel, say jokingly that "the server's dead", and then vanish again
    Pretty sure that 498 hours is about 20 days.
    Logging in for roughly 6 minutes isn't considered activity. Nor logging in for 30 minutes once 20 days+

    So for now it's a no from me
  3. Grimbly

    Grimbly Deku Scrub

    That's fair, I'll try and be on more. Other than that though, there anything i should think about in possibly revising it?
  4. nasfi

    nasfi Soufla Staff Member

    well if you be active, we'll see

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