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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by vayanui8, Feb 18, 2018.

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    welp, since Im stopping in here for the first time in over a year, I might as well shill something I like. Falcom is easily one of my favorite developers out there, and as alot of people on this site enjoy RPG's and the zelda franchise, I think many would enjoy falcom's games as well. In fact, Falcom's famous Ys series is one of the oldest zelda competitors out there. Ys shares some structural similarities with Zelda, including finding key items that allow the player to progress through the game. However, Ys puts a higher emphasis on combat than zelda and many Ys games are on the shorter side to encourage replayability. Another notable Falcom series is the Legend of Heroes, an massive series of turn based RPGs with an overarching story. The modern Legend of Heroes starts with the Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky (Known in Japan as Sora no Kiseki). WIth fantastic PC ports these games cn run on a toaster and have a wonderful selection of options, so they're easy to recommend. Unfortunately, the 4th and 5th Kiseki games, Zero and Ao no Kiseki, are exclusively in Japanese right now. However, I have played them in Japanese and can attest to their quality, as Ao no Kiseki is my favorite game of all time. There is an english patch on the way for these games as well, and its shaping up to turn out very well.
    Peace out motherfuckers, buy some Falcom games.

    P.S. Tio is objectively best girl, and I'd dick about every girl in Crossbell.
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    Put your pitchforks down everyone; it's the real vay
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    hello, I played at Ys VIII, finally a real action rpg that makes me think between a mixture of rogue Galaxy and dark chronicle on ps2, sorely lacks this kind of games on ps4, I really hope there will be else, thanks falcom i love it.

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