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  1. DungenMastor

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    Hello all, My name is Joel and my in game is Dungenmastor. Im Applying here today to help bring a new age to our beloved Zelda craft. I believe that with all thats going on its time for some more builds to be rolled out and made for the server. I have played and built alongside many build teams and have had mentoring from a few of the best on the FryeUK team. Thats where I fell in love with building.
    I haven't been apart of any server builds in the past but that wont stop me from trying. I believe with my innovation and Ideas thatI bring to the table I will help Zeldacraft grow again.

    Builds I am good at (Texturing, Oriental, Rustic, And future) Im currently working on my Organics. :) hope I can bring some fresh ideas to the table 2018-11-04_13.48.13.png 2018-11-04_13.47.51.png 2018-11-04_13.36.17.png 2018-11-04_13.35.51.png 2018-11-04_13.56.02.png 2018-11-04_13.55.35.png
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  2. nasfi

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    Pretty nice. You definitely have some skill with terraforming and making things look nice
  3. DungenMastor

    DungenMastor Deku Scrub

    Thank you, Its a struggle without world edit or voxel. I try to work with the small details and expand out. That way it falls together. But for the Japaneses organic its pretty hard to do without looking at real world examples. Personally with any build looking outside is the biggest inspiration.
  4. negan16

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    it's really not bad, bravo. you made others? if so, can you share them with us again? thank you.

    Pirate Bay YIFY RARBG
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  5. DungenMastor

    DungenMastor Deku Scrub

    Im working on a "little" project right now but I like to keep things in the dark until complete. I can throw a little something together, just give me a day or so!
  6. nasfi

    nasfi Soufla Staff Member

    @negan16 Please don't posts in these threads unless you're staff or builder

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