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Discussion in 'ZeldaCraft' started by DungenMastor, Feb 22, 2019.

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    Over the last few days there has been some major drama on the discord over actions on the server. I personally am not going to take a stance here because I believe both party's are equally as guilty but like to clear this up so everyone is on the same page.

    Starting with administration: Some of the admins are picking and choosing favorites and that is okay until they are giving them better privileges and items that others dont have access too. This includes materials, Items enchanted and non. Some other things admins have done is bully and target players with shops and abusing powers. One of the biggest things I have and believe a big nono is the use of creative building in survival and stating that is for the betterment for the server. I believe if an admin wants to do that they should coordinate with a builder and have approval with the team to do so before. Or else we will end up with Travis railway.

    Now the players: Yes players are just as guilty. Some big players will use rank and favoritism to abuse the server for personal gain. I am just as guilty and fall into both categories and a lot of us do. But its the job of the players to help the community and when things are wrong to open a discussion like this instead of let it slide. Players need to be held just accountable as staff. Players with ranks do have a distinct advantage but that is okay most did pay to support a cause they believe in.

    The server in my eyes has begun to shift away from what looks like its roots and looks to be spiraling downhill. Some of the most active people are debating on leaving and that may be okay but if that happens a piece of this community dies. I believe some real work needs to be done to correct the wrongs of whats happens on the server. If that means wiping everything off the table and EVERYONE starting all over and monitoring more closely then I say give it a shot. I open this for people to explain what they think should happen to help the community prosper. I dont want others to rip on each other and play the blame game. We are a big family. So what are your ideas?
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    my suggestions are as following:

    players. if you think something is too powerful to be on a survival server do the right thing and report it to a staff member who is not involved in it immediately and don't first gain from it because then you are as guilty as the staff member who created the item. even though we all know it is hard to report such things at least try it. also not everything a staff member does is abuse you got to see the difference between fun and abuse. "fun= no gaining any long term unfair advantages and replacing any potentially broken stuff, abuse=any long term unfair advantages and doing stuff people either did not ask for or asked to the staff member to stop"

    staff members. i agree with Dungen on the creative and world edit stuff in survival. i suggest if you want to make something cool that uses world edit or creative go to 1 of the 2 creative worlds and create it there especially for personal use. Do not use any unfair so called "admin items" while playing in survival mode either with pvp or building in general of course u can have fun with it IF other people are having fun too.

    I too see a yet so friendly community sinking in a deep hole and want to see a change still i suggest any people involved in this to state their problems/complains in this thread and if you disagree with something state what you disagree with and why you disagree with it (not like this:"I DISAGREE BECAUSE ALL U SAID IS BULLSHIT", but more like this:"i disagree with this because *states facts"). do not attack each other try to make this thread as peaceful as it can.
    Also try to make your thread with no direct names in it that attack and/or defend other people use group words like staff members ranked people normal players etc.
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    I'm reading up on what happened since i was gone and i agree with the both of you.

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