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  1. CubesMasterPT

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    I'm cubes, I'm 17 years old, I live in Portugal and joined ZC about 1 maybe 2 years ago, I would like to be a builder beause I think I am up to the challenge and would like to dedicate my time on the server to something usefull.

    If I get accepted into the team I would like to improve some of the builds we already have (or make them from scratch intirely). Some days ago 2 new playes joined and they went to Zora's Domain, they said that it had nothing to do with Zora's Domain, it was also made out of dirt. Builds like those I think can be improved massively, would also like to do some dungeons (and dungen ;) ), I'm currently working on one which pictures will be bellow, along with floating islands I'm building in S1

    Forgot to mension that I'm not using any special texture pack, this is the texture pack mojang is making that should be out with 1.14

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  2. Neemfy

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    Hecc yes brother, you're pretty good at building, and are pretty motivated.
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  3. ismart22

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    Hi, I also think you're good at building, I like the construction you did.

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  4. CubesMasterPT

    CubesMasterPT Deku Scrub

    Thank you :)
  5. CubesMasterPT

    CubesMasterPT Deku Scrub

    I almost forgot I had another build on the server hahah

    It says the image files are too big, but it's on the server so if you would like to see it let me know
  6. nasfi

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    also @ismart22, don't post in builder apps unless you're staff
  7. Ichikuro

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    Would totally say yes, but I havent really seen you on lately...

    Where ya been?
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