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    Before anything else is said, I'd like to say that I'm unsure I'm builder material, as I've been known to take LONG hiatus'. 2018-12-12_13.32.27.png Fresh of the heels of the well received Hyrule Castle Build, I have returned to the forms to again submit a Zelda themed build. This time, a recreation (re-imagining rather) of the Water Town of Saria from Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link. I have taken HEAVY artistic liberties in this build for a few reasons:
    -A 2D map in a straight line would be uninteresting to explore
    -Original architecture and colour schemes were limited by technology and are generally unappealing
    -A tile-for-tile remake is no fun to build!

    So what actually connects this build with the original map? A few key similarities have been carried over, such as the relative position and number of windows and doors on the face of structures, the contents of some interiors, the position and length of the bridges, all have been made to resemble the original source material. And of course, I've sprinkled in a few secrets as well.

    For those looking, the town is in the VIP2 World at coordinates 1012.203/9/ -174.845
    Thanks for your consideration!

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    mmmm nice

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