Zeldathon Charity Event

Zeldathon is a gaming marathon that celebrates The Legend of Zelda series for charity. The people behind it have held successful marathons in the past, and they are due to start another one soon! The marathon will start on the 19th of June, and the first game to kick it off will be Skyward Sword, followed by The Minish Cap. They will even be getting round to playing the Wand of Gamelon and Faces of Evil.

Right now the event hasn’t even started yet but has already raised almost $6,000. The group is hoping to raise at least $100,000 once the marathon ends on the 24th of June. The money raised will go to a charity called Charity Water, an organization that provides clean water for people in the developing world.

Visit the Zeldathon website for more information about the event. You can also go there to donate.

3D Models of The Legend of Zelda items

The guys at Hyrule Foundry have 3D printed all the items from the original Legend of Zelda! Items ranging from Swords to Rupees were modeled and printed as replicas. However, the items are fairly small and in some cases are comparable to the size of a Quarter. Hyrule Foundry has some of these replicas up for sale on their Zelda Fan Art Store. They also offer tutorials on how you can make these at home, but the process is very time consuming and hard to perfect:

After hour upon hour, day after day of staring at my computer endlessly clicking and shaping I was about half done. But I couldn’t stop now halfway through.  A little break to play the game of my inspiration and then back to work click by click until there it was rendered and ready to 3D print. – Hyrule Foundry

Not only that, but a 3D printer is also very expensive, and can cost over $2000. It’s definitely easier and cheaper just to purchase the set from Hyrule Foundry.

Here are some notable models:

Do you think Nintendo will use this as an opportunity to make some money? Will they start making their own models, in hopes of bringing in customers? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Lego Master Sword

There’s not much going around in terms of Zelda news recently – Nintendo is keeping hushed about the next Zelda games for the 3DS and Wii U. But as always, Zelda fans are producing some cool fan works. The Youtube user above has created a life-sized, Lego Master Sword. Not only that, but he has plenty of other Lego exhibitions on display on his channel, so check them out.

Zelda: A Creep’s Awakening

Creepy Link

When you think of Link you probably imagine a heroic figure, honest and true. But when you think about it, Link does a lot of creepy things to accomplish his quest. He trespasses, steals stuff, wears funny clothes, and more. In fact, Dorkly.com has argued that Link has been getting creepier over the years. Read their comic below to see if you agree!

Source: Dorkly.com

OCRemix Releases a new Zelda album!


OCRemix is one of the biggest video game music communities on the internet, and, proving once again how underrated video game music is, they’ve produced an excellent album of Zelda music, titled “25YEARLEGEND”. This was the same organization that produced the awesome Threshold of a Dream album for Link’s Awakening, by the way!

You can check out a preview of the 25YEARLEGEND album on their youtube channel, or listen to the songs for free from the 25YEARLEGEND website. Hapy

Penny Arcade Presents Skyward Sword Comic

Skyward Sword Penny Arcade Comic

You might have heard of Penny Arcade, a comic strip series based on video games. Well, they’ve managed to team up with the official Zelda website to produce a short Skyward Sword comic.

Only two pages are available at the time of writing, but if you ask me, the art style is excellent!

To see the first few pages of the comic click here. What do you think of the comic so far?