ZeldaCraft 1.8 Update

ZeldaCraft, our Zelda-themed MineCraft server, is now accepting 1.8 clients! You’ll be able to connect with Minecraft version 1.7 too, if you are still using that game version. Note that 1.8 features, such as rabbits, will not be available on the server as of yet – this update simply allows users running Minecraft 1.8 to connect too a server which is still running on 1.7.

Due to the recent issues with the CraftBukkit project, we have no idea when we will be able to have 1.8 features on the server. The halt on CraftBukkit development leaves us and many servers across the world without the ability to support 1.8, but hopefully either CraftBukkit will eventually continue or a spin-off project being developed by many ex-bukkit developers (Sponge) gets going quickly!

Zelda Monopoly!

There seems to be a Monopoly set for just about anything, so why not The Legend of Zelda? This edition is due for release on September 15, and you are able to preorder it now. The game’s money is of course rupees, and all the usual Monopoly locations are replaced with Zelda ones, including Clock Town, Gerudo Desert, and Skyloft. Treasure chests are in place of community chests, while chance spaces are occupied by empty bottles. The game will also have a set of specific Zelda-themed rules, such as the addition of six ‘item power cards’ (not certain yet what they do).

The tokens that come with the game are: a bow, hookshot, boomerang, Hylian shield, and a Triforce. Also, you’ll get an Ocarina token if you preorder the game from Gamestop.

You can have a look at what the board looks like by clicking here.

Ironmanmode Charity Stream Event

Although this post is not Zelda related, the event seems like a good cause so if you have some spare time check it out. Ironmanmode.com is holding a live-streamed gaming marathon, featuring a virtual flight around the world. It will last for 72 hours, and all donations received will go to the charity Child’s Play.

You can view a video about the event as well as additional details here: Ironmanmode.com

Zelda Wii U to feature DLC?

Wii U LogoNintendo has released very little information about the next Zelda title, due for release on the Wii U, other than the fact that it is apparently in development. That was enough for Walmart last month to start offering a preorder deal for a “Zelda 2” game, priced at $99 and with a release date set for December this year. But recently some news sites have started suggesting that this upcoming Zelda title will be the first Zelda game to feature DLC (downloadable content). I imagine DLC would be a great thing for Zelda – imagine downloading a new Dungeon or mini game – but there is no official word from Nintendo on these rumors, so I wouldn’t hold your breath just yet.

Pixel Remake of The Legend of Zelda

Legend of Zelda pixel remakeA developer has created a browser-based remake of the original Legend of Zelda in a basic pixel format. It was created as part of a two day competition where entrants had to ‘de-make’ a game – that is, taking an existing game and producing a simpler version of it. Everything in the game – Link, enemies, items, etc – is represented by a single, large pixel. Use the arrow keys to move around, A for your sword, and S to use bombs. You can give the game a whirl here.

Zelda Skyrim Mod – Crescent Island

Zelda Dungeon featured this mod in a news post the other day, and since Oracle of Ages is one of my favourite Zelda games I thought I would post it here! This mod is a 3D recreation of Crescent Island – the island off the shore of Labrynna where Link encounters the Tokay race. I’m not sure if the mod will feature a questline or not, but it looks like it’s worth checking out. Take a look by watching the video below:

Zelda for the Oculus Rift!

A games developer named Ubiquitron is creating a first-person remake of the original Legend of Zelda for the Oculus Rift named ZeldaVR. The game is extremely similar to the 1986 classic, except that you see the world through Link’s eyes in virtual reality! You can download the beta version of the game, which features the overworld with access to the first dungeon, at the project’s hub page on virtualreality.io.

The full version of ZeldaVR will be free to play like the beta, and is due for release in March. In the meantime, you can check out this video demo below.

Nintendo releases ALBW and WW HD sales figures

Zelda-Wind-Waker-HD-04Financially speaking, Nintendo has been struggling a little lately due to poor Wii U sales, but fans and investors can at least take solace in the strong sales Nintendo’s latest Zelda titles have been enjoying.

According to the company’s latest financial report, The Wind Waker HD has sold over one million units, despite just under six million Wii U consoles having been sold worldwide. Future Nintendo-exclusive titles should help boost the console’s sales further.

A Link Between Worlds has already sold over two million copies, making it one of the fastest selling 3DS games and already the 11th best selling 3DS game ever, at the time of writing – a great boost for Nintendo’s handheld console.

Link’s Awakening and AlttP deleted content

Here’s an interesting video from the creators of Did you know Gaming (DYKG). It examines some of the deleted content from Link’s Awakening and A Link to the Past. It’s always interesting to see the results of people digging through the code of a game, or researching its development history, to find unused content, scrapped ideas, and more. It’s especially amazing when you discover that a game could have been very different to its final state.

Featured in this video are hidden items and enemies from A Link to the Past that are only accessible by hacking the game with a cheat device. DYKG then examines some of the development history of Link’s Awakening, and discover, among other bits of interesting information, that the game could have been Nintendo’s first ever multiplayer Zelda title!