Legend of Zelda 3D Animated Fan Film

You know what Nintendo’s attitude is towards fan-made Zelda content, but regardless this film is pretty cool. Some of the animations are a bit funny and the FPS isn’t that great (and there are some silly grammar mistakes), but the graphics look pretty sweet and overall this is a very well-made piece of Zelda fan content! The graphics look much like Twilight Princess, with link’s face perhaps bearing some resemblance to his Skyward Sword self (or his SSB version).

Legend of Zelda Achievements

Over at our Zelda Forums a topic came up recently about achievements in the Legend of Zelda. Of course, Nintendo seemingly has no plans to incorporate an Xbox or PS3-style achievements system for the Wii or DS, but the idea of Legend of Zelda achievements was quite an interesting one! In this post, I have made up some achievements I feel would be suitable for The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. If you had the opportunity to implement an achievements system into any Zelda game, would you? If so, what achievements would you set?

Some of my proposed Link’s Awakening achievements:
The number in brackets is the amount of achievement points you get.

Speed Achievements
(50) Speed Freak: Complete the game in fewer than 2 hours
(40) The Wind Fish Awakens… quickly: Complete the game in fewer than 3 hours
(30) Know your way round Koholint: Complete the game in fewer than 4 hours
(20) A Quick Start: Start the game and obtain the first siren instrument in fewer than 10 minutes

Completion Achievements
(50) Heartless: Complete the game without taking any heart pieces or containers
(40) Immortal Link: Complete the game without dying
(30) The Wind Fish Awakens: Complete the game

Challenge Achievements
(10) Controlled Explosion: Kill three enemies at the same time with a single bomb
(10) Master Angler: Catch the biggest fish in the fishing game
(10) No need for Pegasus Boots: Jump over two holes without using the Pegasus Boots

Item Achievements
(30) She Sells Sea Shells: Obtain the L-2 Sword
(30) The Right Place at the Right Time: Unlock all the photographs
(20) Colour Dungeon: Obtain the Red or Blue Tunic (DX version only)
(10) Rich Kid: Obtain 999 rupees
(10) Magnifying Glass: Obtain the Magnifying Glass
(10) Boomerang: Obtain the Boomerang

N64 Handheld Mod

An electrician and game modifier by the alias of Hailrazer has accomplished something quite impressive. He has taken the components of an N64 and has connected them in and around a Gameboy Advance case to create what he calles the N64Boy Advance. It is exactly like an N64 and it will play any N64 game, but it’s handheld! Check out the video above to watch him talk about it and play a few games on it, including Ocarina of Time!

Legend of Zelda Fonts

We have added some new fonts to the Zelda fonts section! Each font is accompanied with a preview and download link. To install a font on your computer, download it, right-click the font file you just downloaded and click “Install”, your computer will take care of the rest.


Pretendo is the font used by Nintendo to spell out the word ‘Nintendo’ on their logos.
· Download this font


This font is used to display the “Twilight Princess” text in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess logo.
· Download this font


This font is used in the logo of The Wind Waker.
· Download this font