Hyrule Warriors DLC

Hyrule Warriors is due for release in a few days, and Koie Tecmo, the company developing the game, recently announced they will be releasing a series of DLC expansions for it. Features include new characters, new maps, and more. The first pack is out on October 16th, with four packs due for release in total. If you pre-order every pack for $20, you get an additional new character, Dark Link, for no extra cost. In addition to the paid packs, you’ll be able to download a free one when the game is released that unlocks three characters: Cia, Volga, and Wizzro.

The first pack is called the ‘Master Quest’ pack, and the second is themed around Twilight Princess. The third pack will contain content relating to Majora’s Mask, whilst the final one centers around Ganon. Have a look at the list below for more details about the packs.

Master Quest Pack (October)
New weapon, new scenario, new adventure map, 2x new costumes

Twilight Princess Pack (November)
New weapon, new character, new adventure map, 2x new costumes

Majora’s Mask Pack (January)
2x new characters, new adventure map, 3x new costumes

Ganon Pack (February)
Two new game modes

Hyrule Warriors – Fi Trailer

Tecmo released a new character trailer for the upcoming Hyrule Warriors game, this time showing the Skyward Sword character Fi. Fi has some pretty interesting abilities, including a special power that turns herself into a master sword that takes a huge slice at all nearby enemies. The general characteristic of her combat skills is based on dance moves.

Fi is not the only feature from Skyward Sword available in the game – Ghirahim will be making an appearance and Skyloft will be available as a map to fight on!

Hyrule Warriors – Princess Zelda Trailer

Traditionally, Princess Zelda has been a supporting character in the Legend of Zelda games but things are different in the series’ newest spin-off, Hyrule Warriors.

Link is nowhere to be seen in the gameplay footage in the trailer below, instead you’ll see Zelda showing off her fighting skills! She wields a rapier as her primary physical weapon, but we also see her firing a bow with light arrows and blasting enemies away with magical abilities.

I’m not sure if Hyrule Warriors will be received with absolute critical acclaim – can hacking away at constant waves of enemies really entertain you for hours on end? Nonetheless I expect the game will be good fun and by far the best Zelda spin-off yet.

Hyrule Warriors Release Date

Nintendo finally announced the release date of Hyrule Warriors during E3. They have confirmed that the game will be released this year on September 26th.

The Dynasty Warriors-based spin-off will probably be all the new content Zelda fans will get until the new Wii U Zelda is out next year!

Hyrule Warriors to feature traditional voice acting

Nintendo recently announced that Hyrule Warriors will feature traditional Zelda-style voice acting. Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma recently said that he wanted Hyrule Warriors to break from Zelda traditions, but it looks like this game will feature the same voice style of the other Zelda games, with characters uttering a sound rather than actually speaking. Expect to hear plenty of Link’s battle cries, though I’m not sure if Navi’s incessant pestering will feature in the game.

This announcement will disappoint fans who want to see voice acting in Zelda games, but perhaps Nintendo felt the series still isn’t ideal for it – or maybe, if they do want to introduce voice acting some time in the future, they felt it would be wrong to first introduce it in a spin-off game. Hyrule Warriors has already broken with the traditions of Zelda through its genre alone, but it will be interesting to see how else Nintendo steers Zelda in a new direction with it.

New Legend of Zelda Announced! Hyrule Warriors

Nintendo announced a new Legend of Zelda title today! The project is titled ‘Hyrule Warriors’, but that will not be the game’s final name. The game looks quite unlike any other Zelda game we’ve seen before. It seems mass fighting games such as Dynasty Warriors have heavily inspired this game, as the above video shows Link battling hordes of enemies using a variety of powerful and spectacular attacks. I should note that apparently this game isn’t the ‘main’ Wii U Zelda title, and is instead a spin-off.

Does the game look promising? It depends on what content there is in the game aside from battling, as I doubt that alone would satisfy most Zelda fans. Nonetheless Nintendo seems to have taken a bold new step with this game, which is a pleasant surprise.