Zelda Minecraft Server
Join ZeldaCraft, our Legend of Zelda themed Minecraft server!
Server Address: play.wiizelda.net


Want to affiliate with Wii Zelda? Read up the affliliation requirements below, then head to our contact page and send us a message about your site! Feel free to email or send a message on Skype/MSN.

Affiliation Requirements
· Your site's URL should be a top-level domain name (.com, .net, .co.uk and so on) or a respectable sub-domain.
· Your site must be a gaming related site or a semi-related niche like Animé.
· Your site must have a good amount of well-written content or, if a forum-only site, a strong community.
· Your site must be regularly updated (though I know that some circumstances don't permit).
· Your site must not display excessive advertising such as pop-ups or forced surveys.
· Your site must display a link to Wii Zelda on all it's main pages.