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The Legend of Zelda: CD-I Games

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Transcripts: Wand of Gamelon | Faces of Evil

In 1993 Nintendo made a deal with Phillips, who had launched an interactive media CD player known as the Phillips CD-I. Nintendo gave the company permission to make games with the allowed inclusion of a number of Nintendo characters including Link, Zelda and Ganon. Although the deal went ahead, Nintendo did little to intervene with the development of any of the Nintendo-based CD-I games.
As well as the production of Hotel Mario, three CD-I Zelda games were also developed under this deal. However there were limited resources available to actually make the games, with only a few programmers and voice actors at hand. Also, hardly any of the Zelda lore had been established then, which left the developers short of plot ideas.
Many Zelda fans claim these games are the worst Zelda games in existance, with the infamous FMV scenes being a particular target of ridicule.

Below is some information about each game as well as video streams to the game's opening sequences (they can be a good laugh).

Link: The Faces of Evil
A wizard named Gwonam tells the King and Link that the island of Koridai has been taken over by Ganon and his minions, and, whilst referring to an unknown document, that "it is written, only Link can defeat Ganon". Whisking away Link on a magic carpet, Gwonam tells link he must explore a set of giant statues known as the Faces of Evil in order to recover the Triforce and save the princess Zelda, who has also been kidnapped by Ganon.

Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon
The King of Hyrule informs Zelda and Link that he is to aid a resistance movement against Ganon's attack on a land known as Gamelon. He orders that, if he does not return in one month, Link should be sent to intervene. The King remains away for more then a month, and Link is sent. However, Link also ends up missing, so Zelda herself ventures to Gamelon on a quest to save Gamelon and Link.

Zelda's Adventure
Probably the worst game of the Zelda CD-I series, being developed around a top-down view, but being almost unplayable. Like in The Wand of Gamelon, you play as Zelda, on a quest to rescue Link (who has been kidnapped again by Ganon) and rid kingdom of Tolemac of the "Age of Darkness" created by Ganon.

Youtube Poop
The CD-I games have been subject to much ridicule on the internet, especially the cutscenes from The Faces of Evil and The Wand of Gamelon. In fact, the cutscenes have become staple material for 'Youtube Poops', erratic homemade youtube videos where old cartoons and games such as Sonic the Hedgehog or Hotel Mario are cut, sentance mixed, and combined to form video sequences that either take the mick out of it's source material, or make little sense at all. For more information, refer to youchewpoop.com.