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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker - Picto Box Maze

Head to Windfall Island, and go to the town jail on the outskirts of the island (the door is located very near to the guy who is dancing in front of the gravestone on top of the cliff). Go inside and you'll see that Tingle has been finally imprisoned! However, to continue to the Picto Box, unfortunately you must free him. Behind a load of pots in the corner of the room is a switch, jump on it to open the cell door. In reward for you freeing him, Tingle will give you the Tingle Tuner, a device that allows you to link your Gameboy Advance to your Gamecube (if you have a cable that can do it).

Once Tingle is gone, go into his jail cell and there will be a large crate. Pull or push it to one side to reveal a small hidden passage. Crawl into the passage and you are now inside the Picto Box maze. This maze can be annoying if you don't know the way, because if you mess up you can fall down a trapdoor and have to start the maze all over again. The directions for the maze are as follows (take a direction each time the game pauses Link and presents you with a selection of directions to take, when the yellow arrows come up): Left, Right, Straight Ahead, Left, Right, Straight Ahead, Straight Ahead, Right, Straight Ahead, Straight Ahead, Straight Ahead, Right.

Once you've finished the maze you will find yourself in a secret room with a large chest. Open the chest to collect your Picto Box!