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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker - Bottle Locations

Note: Refer to our sea chart in order to see the locations of the bottles!

Bottle #1: Located on Dragon Island (chart area B6). This bottle is obtained by default as part of the storyline, so just keep playing the game until you get it!

Bottle #2: Located on Bomb Island (chart area E6). Set foot onto the island, and notice the guy with the telescope looking around. Use your own telescope to see where he is looking at, and you will notice a submarine with a raft attached to it. Sail over to the raft and head inside it. There will be a few enemies inside but they should be no problem to deal with, it's just a few of Moblins. Once the enemies are dead a chest with a bottle inside will appear.

Bottle #3: Located on Windfall Island (chart area B4). Firstly, you can only find this bottle at night time, so play the song of passing if you arrive on the island during the day. The blond haired girl will be standing outside the auction house. Talk to her and she'll tell you to go away, so walk a few metres away from her and notice that she will sneak off as you do so. You need to follow her without her seeing you. Be careful, since she regularly looks behind to check if anyone is there. Eventually, you will follow her to the shop stand where she will attempt to crack open the safe. Be sure to approach her only when the thought bubble with the rupee sign shows on her. She will talk to you, and you need to respond to her correctly, otherwise you have to start all over again. Listen to her story, say that you understand her plight very well, but that you will not let her go because you are honest. She will thank you for preventing her becoming a thief and she will give you a bottle in return.

Bottle #4: Located on Rock Ledge Island (chart area C2). Note that you need to have at least 500 rupees to get this bottle. Sail around the island looking for Beedle's ship shop, it should be floating around on the water somewhere. Beedle will be selling a bottle for the price of 500 rupees. He also sells a heart piece for 950 rupees, and a treasure map for 950 rupees!