The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess / Reviews

As you might know, Twilight Princess was subject to a great amount of critical acclaim, with some critics saying it was the best Zelda game yet. The game is currently rated 94/100 on Game Rankings. Here you can see what the individual critics thought.

IGN9.5 ' Twilight Princess is [a] must-see, must-play and must-own entry into the series that proves over and over again why Nintendo is the best developer in the world. '
Gamespy5/5 ' Link's debut on the Wii pays tribute to Ocarina of Time and is nothing short of an instant classic. '
Gamespot89% ' Twilight Princess contains the same expertly designed puzzles and gameplay that you've come to expect, though parts of its presentation feel stuck in the past. '
Game Informer10/10 ' There really is no better introduction to a new console, or a better game for that matter, than Twilight Princess. This is the game of the year. '
1UPA+ ' If Wii Sports is a game for everyone, Twilight Princess is for everyone who loves games. '