The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - MP3 Music / OST / Soundtrack

These MP3 files are taken from the Twilight Princess original soundtrack. To download the file you want, click on the name of a song. From there you will be taken to a download page where you can download your selected track.

Orchestra piece 2
Ordon Ranch
Ordon Goats
Link's House
Sera's Sundires Sad
Sera's Sundries Happy
Practice with a Slingshot
Hunting the Monkey
Dark Grotto
Link Leaves Ordon
Princess Zelda
A Wolf in Ordon
Light Spirit
Faron Woods
Forest Temple
Monkey King
Boss Diababa
Hyrule Field
Hyrule Field (Orchestral)
Hyrule Field Enemies
Hyrule Field Night
Surrounded by Flames
Wolf Song 1 Song of Healing
Resurging of Kakariko Village
Kakariko Village
Kakariko Cemetery
Renado's House
Taming Epona
Horse Battle
Face to Face on the Bridge
Return of Calmness
Death Mountain
Goron Mines
Miniboss: Armed Goron
Boss: Fyrus
Don't want you no more bonus track
Flying up the River
Queen Rutela
Wolf Song 2: Requiem of Spirit
Boss: Giant Light Bug
History of the Goddesses
Lake Hylia
Tobias and Geremias
Hyrule Castle Town North
Hyrule Castle Town East
Hyrule Castle Town West
Fortune Telling
Agitha's Castle
S.T.A.R. Game Room
S.T.A.R. Game
Zora Prince
Planning the trip to Kakariko
Calm and Hope
Lakebed Temple
Miniboss Great Toad
Boss: Morpheel
Boss: Morpheel: Final Form
After Boss Fight
Midna's Desperation
Reencounter with Zelda
Transfer of Powers
Zora's Domain
Wolf Song 3: Prelude of Light
Sacred Grove
Sacred Grove Enemies
Guardians of the Sacred Grove
Master Sword Theme
Link Obtains the Master Sword
Fishing Hole
Going down the Rapids
Wolf Song 4
Twilight Realm
Gerudo Desert
Fairy's Spring (Loading Screen)
Arbiter's Grounds
Miniboss: Great Phantom
Boss: Stallord
Wise People
Wolf Song 5
Snowpeak Ruins
Snowpeak Ruins Fireplace Kitchen
Miniboss: Suit of Armor
Boss: Blizzeta 1
Boss: Blizzeta 2
Boss: Blizzeta 3
Malo Mart Castle Branch
Entrance of the Temple of Time
Temple of Time
Boss: Armogohma
Hidden Village
Wolf Song 6
Memories of Impaz
Boss: Argorok
Twilight Prince
Zant Hologram
Fight Against Zant 1
Fight Against Zant 2
Fight Against Zant 3
Fight Against Zant 4
Fight Against Zant 5
Hyrule Castle 1
Hyrule Castle 2
Hyrule Castle 3
Fight Against Ganondorf
The King of Light and Shadow
Boss: Ganon's Puppet: Zelda
Boss: Dark Beast Ganon
Waking of Zelda
Boss: Ganondorf Horseback Battle
Boss: Ganondorf Swordfight
Credits Part 1
Credits Part 2