The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Characters

Once again, Link is the main hero of the game. At the start of Twilight Princess he is an ordinary Hylian, a resident of Ordon Village. He works at the Ordon Ranch as a wrangler. Whilst in the Twilight Realm, Link has the ability to transform into a wolf.

Midna is a short, shadowy creature who bears resemblance to an imp. She rescues Link from captivity after he first sets foot in the Twilight Realm. Midna rides Link whilst he is in wolf form, and while doing so she has a few attacks and special abilities. She can also teleport Link to different areas around Hyrule. Throughout the game Midna helps Link, but is she really all she seems?

Princess Zelda
Zelda is the princess of Hyrule, and she bears a fragment of the triforce's power, blessed by the power of the triforce Gods. She is captured by Zant and locked away in one of Hyrule castle's towers, but she retains her normal form when sent into the Twilight Realm. She dispells the magic that keeps Link permantentaly in his wolf form, allowing him to shift freely in and out of it.

Zant is one of the main antagonists of the game, dubbed the Usurper King of the Twilight. He appears numerous times throughout the game, including towards the end as a long boss battle. He is very powerful, having invaded Hyrule Castle and forcing the princess Zelda to surrender, but in the end he turns out to be a puppet used by Ganon. He defected from the Hyrule royal family after Minda became ruler of the Twilight Realm, instead of himself.

Ganon is the game's main antagonist. Ganon appears in full towards the end of the game, as an epic boss fight. Ganon gives some of his power to Zant, convincing him to take control of the Twilight Realm. Ganon is extremely powerful, blessed by the power of the Gods, which he uses to meet his own evil ends.