The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - Boss Guide

You can use CTRL+F to scroll down to a boss name (or if you can't remember the name of the boss, the names of the dungeons they are in is also listed).

Twilit Parasite - Diababa (Forest Temple)
· The fight starts off with two deku babas either side of the boss attacking you. Equip the gale boomerang and target the spider bomb beside one of them, then target the respective deku baba. Throw the boomerang and it will whisp up the bomb and destroy the deku baba, repeat this tactic for the other one.
· After the deku babas are destroyed, the boss will transform and start attacking you. Make sure you avoid the bite attack by keeping your distance, and avoid his ranged poison spray attack by using your shield as a guard. Throw your boomerang at the boss and the monkey who helped you out earlier in the dungeon will appear and start helping you out again!
· Use the same tactic as before, but instead lock onto the swinging monkey and then the boss, and the boomerang will once again carry the bomb and hit the target. From there the boss will go limp and fall over for a short period of time, slash it's head with your sword to damage it. Once it gets back up, repeat this tactic and you win.

Twilit Igniter - Fyrus (Goron Mines)
· Upon meeting Fyrus, notice the glowing spot on his head. Shoot an arrow at it and Fyrus will become disorientated for a short amount of time.
· Now run behind him and grab one of the chains attached to him, but quickly equip the Iron Boots before doing so, otherwise you will not be able to pull the chain. Pull the chain so it is stretched right out and he will fall over.
· Quickly unequip the boots, run over to him, and hit your sword at the same spot on his head where you shot the arrow at. Repeat this tactic a few times and eventually he will be defeated.

Twilit Aquatic - Morpheel (Lakebed Temple)
· This boss has two phases. The first phase in particular pays homage to the Morpha boss battle in Ocarina of Time.
· Phase 1: Notice an eyeball floating among the beast's tentacles. Lock onto it, and pull it towards you with the clawshot. Once it's hooked, hit it with your sword until the boss transforms, and then the next phase begins. You ought to Z-target the eye here, since this is quite a frantic fight, and manually trying to target it might take a while.
· Phase 2: An eel will emerge from the beast once the first phase is over. You need to slash at the eye again here, but this time it's harder since Morpheel will be swimming around fast. The aim here is to get close to him at the back of his head (where the eye is), but away from his mouth, otherwise we will eat you. Once you are in range and in line of sight, use the clawshot again to reel yourself onto Morpheel's head, then start to slash at it's eye again. Repeat this process and Morpheel will be history.

Twilit Fossil - Stallord (Arbiter's Grounds)
· Another boss with two main phases of battle. On the first phase, you'll be on your spinner attempting to go behind the monster's back and hit it's spine with a spin attack. You will need to attack him three times to move onto the next phase. In this first phase though, there are a few things to watch out for. Firstly, skeletal dummies are scattered around the arena, protecting Stallord. Some are stationary, others appear suddenly to obstruct your progress - a spin attack will destroy one. Also, there are some harmful spinners moving around the track on the outskirts of the arena that will knock you off if you come into contact with them, so jump off the track to avoid them.
· On the second phase of battle, the arena will change and a large circular platform will emerge. Stallord's head will begin to fly and he'll knock you off the platform - from here you need to get back onto your spinner and jump accross the tracks between the two walls, avoiding Stallord's fire attacks. Eventually you will catch up with Stallord's head, jump onto the head to incapacitate him and slash it with your sword. Once you do this, you'll have to repeat it another two times, but beware of the small spinners that navigate the tracks like in the first phase, as they will hurt you and knock you off.

Twilit Ice Mass - Blizzetta (Snowpeak Ruins)
· Phase 1: You will need to equip your ball and chain, and shoot it at the giant egg thing as it spins around the room. Occasionally the boss will drop a circle of ice shards that will fly accross the room, you can avoid them by jumping out the way or attacking them. Once you've damaged the boss enough with your ball and chain, a short cutscene will play and the second phase will be triggered.
· Phase 2: Blizzetta will now fly above you and drop ice spikes onto you, which you obviously need to avoid. When a circle of ice shards appear around you in the air, use the ball and chain to break some of the ice and escape the circle. If you do not, the ice will fall to the ground, trapping you, and Blizzetta will come down and stomp you. When Blizzetta stomps the ground, attack with the the ball and chain repeatedly until she is dead.

Twilit Arachnid - Armogohma (Temple of Time)
You will find Armogohma crawling around the ceiling, and it has two main attacks. When the room turns a golden colour, it means you are about to be hit with some kind of laser beam, so keep running around the room to avoid it. Armogohma will also shoot eggs onto the ground, which will hatch into a group of little spiders - wait for them to get close then take them out with a sword spin attack. To kill the boss, you will need to shoot it with your bow - when it's shot, it will fall to the ground. However, this does not damage the boss. What you need to do is shoot Armogohma so that it lands in front of one of the four statues placed around the room. From there, fire your Dominion Rod at the statue and have the statue use it's hammer attack to smash Armogohma. After you have hurt Armogohma enough times, it's body will die and all that will remain is it's eye. From there, a bunch of little spiders will hold the eye up and run around the room while funny music plays. All you need to do is hit the eye with your sword or your arrows and Armogohma will be history.

Twilit Dragon - Argorok (City in the Sky)
· Phase 1: There are four pillars surrounding you, which you can grab onto and climb on top of with the clawshot. When you grab onto one of the pillars, Argorok will start to use a fire breath attack, which you can avoid by travelling from one pillar to the other with the clawshot. After a few fire attacks, Argorok will temporarily tire out. You will then need to aim the clawshot at it's tail. Once you're hooked on the tail, equip your Iron Boots and you will send the dragon flying down, damaging him. After you have damaged him enough, a cutscene will play, the thunderstorm will get much heavier, and the second phase will begin.
· Phase 2: Notice how some seeds shoot out the ground and fly up into the sky. Climb up the pillars again, and use the clawshot this time to hook onto one of the seeds. Argorok will emit a continous flamethrower attack that you will need to avoid by moving from one flying seed to the other. Like in the first phase, once Argorok has emitted enough fire he will temporarily tire out. At this point you need to move behind him and hook the clawshot at his back. Once you're on his back, hit him with your sword as much as you can. Keep using this tactic until he is dead. Note that after you hurt his back the first time, Argorok's fire attacks will vary in direction - he may send fire to your right, only to then shoot fire forcing you to move to the left, so watch out for that.

Usurper King - Zant (Palace of Twilight)
This fight is made up of six phases in total. In each phase, you are warped to a particular area to do battle with Zant.
· Phase 1 (Forest Temple): This phase is pretty easy. Zant will fly around the room shooting at you. Whilst avoiding Zant's ranged attacks, equip the Gale Bow and throw it at Zant. He will fall to the ground, where you can slash him a few times with your sword. Repeat this a couple of times and Zant will transport you to the next phase, in the Goron Mines.
· Phase 2 (Goron Mines): Zant has two attacks here: he will either use the same ranged attack as he did in the Forest Temple, or he will start jumping around, rocking the floor in an attempt to send you falling off it. When he is rocking the floor, you can use the Iron Boots to reduce the impact. When he is firing at you, avoid him and soon after Zant will tire out. While he is catching his breath, hit him with your sword. Once you hit Zant enough times, the next phase begins.
· Phase 3 (Lakebed Temple): In this phase you are underwater, so you'll need to put on your Zora Armor. Firstly, a giant statue of Zant's head will appear in the middle of the room. Zant will be inside it, protected by a door which opens/closes. When the door opens, Zant will start firing at you. Use the Clawshot to reel him towards you, equip the Iron Boots, and start hacking him. Next, four giant Zant heads will appear around the room. Find the one Zant is hiding in, and repeat the same strategy as before to move onto the next phase.
· Phase 4 (Forest Temple): You are back in the Forest Temple for this phase, though in a different room then last time. This phase is easy. Zant will stand on one of the pillars firing at you. Roll into the pillar he is on to knock him off, then start hacking him with your sword. Repeat this tactic a few times or so and the next phase will begin.
· Phase 5 (Snowpeak Ruins): Gant will grow substantially in size during this phase and will float around the room. Slide accross the room and watch the reflection in the ice to see where Zant is. Zant will try to stomp on you from above, and will also tread around the room. When he's on the ground, use the Ball and Chain and fire it at his foot. This will cause Zant to shrink down to a very small size as he grasps his foot in pain, from there run up to him and slice him up. Afterwards he will grow to his large size again, just repeat the tactic like before with the Ball and Chain and the final phase will (finally) begin.
· Phase 6 (Hyrule Castle): This last phase is up close and personal, a melee fight to the death. The area is sealed with a magic barrier, which is harmful to touch, so don't get knocked into it or run into it by accident. Initially, Zant will attack you at a moderate speed with his swords. Block them, run/roll around him and strike him from the side or behind. Zant's next attack is a spinning attack. You cannot harm him while he is spinning, so just block him with your shield and make sure he doesn't bash you into the magic barrier. After a while of spinning Zant will become dizzy, while he is recovering, attack him! Next, Zant will lunge at you in a constant flurry of sword attacks. Block the attacks and try to roll around him and get a cheap shot from behind. Zant will also use his spinning attack, except this time he will spin for a few seconds, disappear, then re-appear from a distance and spin again. Eventually he will get dizzy again, which is your cue to attack. Once you have damaged Zant enough, the battle will finally be over!

Ganonís Puppet: Zelda
This is the first phase of the fight against Ganondorf, with Ganondorf possessing Zelda's body. Evil Zelda has three attacks, and each attack is marked by Zelda raising her sword. Zelda's first attack is to charge at you with her sword, you can just block this with your shield. Zelda's next attack has the floor radiate with light in the shape of a triangle. If you are caught in the triangle you will need to exit very quickly or you will suffer damage. Zelda's last attack provides the means of damaging her. She will throw a ball of lightning at you, hit it with your sword to send it flying back to her. Keep playing tennis with the ball of lightning until Zelda makes a mistake and gets hit. Once Zelda has been hit a few times Ganondorf will release her and it's off to fight the Dark Beast, Ganon.

Dark Beast: Ganon
Firstly, Ganon will charge around the room, and obviously you will need to avoid him. After a short will Ganon will disappear, and portals will start appearing around the room. Eventually, Ganon will charge out of one of the portals, heading towards you. Just before Ganon does charge out, the other portals he is not making use of will disappear. As Ganon rushes towards you the crest on his head will glow. Shoot it with an arrow and he will become temporarily incapacitated. While Ganon's out, run around him to his stomach and start hacking it. You will need to repeat this tactic a few times more to move onto the next phase. When the next stage starts, Midna will talk to you, telling you Ganon is changing his strategy. She suggests you go into your Wolf Form - do just that!
As a wolf, wait around for Ganon to pop out and charge at you. The moment Ganon appears Midna will summon the Phantom Hand. Press A to use it just before Ganon hits you, and the hand will eventually throw Ganon aside, damaging him. Again, you need to repeat this tactic a few times to finally defeat Ganon. Once Ganon is beat, it's off to the final showdown against Ganondorf.

The Dark Lord: Ganondorf
Horseback Battle: In this fight, your job is to target and keep up with Ganondorf in order for Zelda to charge up her light arrows and launch them at him. Once Ganondorf is hit with a light arrow, he will be momentarily weakened. From there, ride up right next to him and hit him with Link's sword. During the fight, Ganon will attempt to knock you off your steed, impeding your progress. He will either charge at you himself, or summon a group of Phantom Riders to charge at you. In dealing with the Phantom Riders, just run through a gap that appears between them. Once Ganondorf has taken enough damage, his steed will fall, and the final battle - a one on one swordfight, Link vs Ganon - will begin.
Sword Fight: The key to winning this fight is to move around quickly. You may have a sturdy shield, but Ganon's attacks are very strong, and he is a very quick fighter. You can jump and roll around him and quickly get a strike on his chest, or you can dance with Ganon and strike after he misses an attack. When Ganondorf leaps into the air he will land behind you and do a spinning attack, roll away to prevent being damaged. Also, at some points in the fight, the word 'Chance' will appear on the screen. This triggers a Resident Evil 4 style button bashing battle. If you mash the A button quickly enough, Ganondorf will be knocked back and you will have enough time to hit him with your sword whilst he recovers. Ganondorf has a lot of health, but eventually he will finally be defeated.