Zelda Sheet Music

Zelda Sheet Music
Each piece of zelda sheet music is in PDF format. Left-click to view it in your internet browser, or right-click and select 'save as' to save it to your computer! Each section of sheet music has the game name and compatible instrument. Most of these zelda sheet music files are from Zelda Capital.

Ocarina of Time Sheet Music (Piano)
· Hyrule Castle Courtyard
· Kakariko Village
· Link's House
· Lost Woods
· Market
· Prelude of Light
· Song of Storms
· Zelda's Lullaby

Majora's Mask Sheet Music (Piano)
· Clock Town
· Termina Field

Majora's Mask Sheet Music (Clarinet)
· Clock Town
· Deku Palace (Part 1)
· Deku Palace (Part 2)

Link's Awakening Sheet Music (Piano)
· Title Screen
· House
· Mabe Village
· Tal Tal Heights
· Overworld

Twilight Princess Sheet Music (Piano)
· Title Screen
· Hyrule Field
· Ordon Village
· Kakariko Village