The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

Zelda Oracle of Seasons Game Information
· Magic Rings
· Gameshark Codes
· Sprite Sheets
· Secrets Generator
· Quiz
· Rom

Information & Features:
  • Combines with Orcale of Seasons via the secrets system
  • Release dates: Feb 2001 (Japan), May 2001 (USA), Oct 2001 (Europe)
  • Original Platform: Gameboy Colour

  • Information & Guides
    · Magic Rings Information about all the Magic Rings, and where to find them.
    · Gameshark Codes Cheat codes you can use to alter the game, via the use of a Gameshark device.
    · Sprite Sheets Sprites and sprite sheets that are directly taken from the game.
    · Secrets Generator This program generates all the secrets, based on the information you provide.