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The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages - Heart Piece Locations

1. Maple
When you bump into Maple, occasionally a heart piece will drop from her. There's no telling when it will drop, it is completely random. If you miss it, you'll have to wait until she drops it again! To help find this heart piece, you can wear the Maple Ring to increase your chances of running into Maple.

2. Gasha Tree Nut
Another heart piece can be obtained through planting Gasha Seeds and collecting the item inside the Gasha Nut when the Gasha Tree has grown. Again, this heart piece is completely random so you'll have to keep planting seeds in different locations until you finally get it.

3. The Black Tower (Past)
This heart piece is very easy to get. Remember when you got the shovel inside the black tower? Just outside the entrance to the tower is a heart piece, accessible by digging the mounds of dirt out of the way.

4. Maku Path (Past)
Go to the Maku Path, in the past. Head to the very north western room (check the map), where you have to defeat the skeletons and push the block to advance. In the top left hand corner of the room is a heart piece surrounded by blocks. Push the lower left block up, and the lower right block left and grab the heart piece.

5. Yoll Graveyard (Present)
Go to the Yoll Graveyard, entering from the Forest of Time. Go right one screen, down, left, down. You will notice a rock blocking a heart piece. Simply lift up the rock with your power bracelet and the heart piece is yours.

6. Deku Forest (Past)
Go to the Deku Forest in the past (the place where you first get the Mystery Seeds), and start at the entrance to the Wing Dungeon. Go left two screens, down one screen. Notice the small tree to the right of the screen, burn it down with an Ember Seed. Go down the stairs, go right one screen, and grab the heart piece.

7. Talus Peaks (Past)
You will need the Roc's Feather for this. Start at the very south western screen of Lynna Village (in the past), where the two roads to the Deku Forest and the Black Tower are. Go left two screens, and up two screens. At the top of the stairs is a cave. Go inside and jump accross the platforms to the heart piece.

8. Talus Peaks (Present)
Go to Symmetry Village in the past. Start from the house in the centre of the village. Go left one screen, down one screen, left one screen, up one screen, and finally left one screen. You should come accross a screen where a waterfall can be seen, along with three blue knights. Go to the bottom of the screen and play the Tune of Currents or the Tune of Ages. Now all you need to do is head accross the bridge and get the heart piece!

9. Lynna City (Present)
Go to Lynna Village (in the past). Go right one screen from where the mermaid (or Link) statue is. You need to stand in a certain position, the position is shown in the screenshot below:
Oracle of Ages Heart Piece
Next, play the Tune of Currents or the Tune of Ages. You will now be able to enter the secret compartment of the Lynna City shop. One sale there is a piece of heart, at the price of 500 rupees.

10. Rolling Ridge (Present)
Go to the very south western screen of the Rolling Ridge. Go inside the cave that is at this screen. Once inside the cave, go to the top right hand corner of the screen and bomb the wall to uncover a heart piece.

11. Rolling Ridge (Present)
Start in the past and go to the screen where the waterfall to the Mermaid's Cave is. Go left one screen, up one screen, and into the cave. Go through the cave and once you are outside the other entrance to the cave, go right a screen. Cut down all the bushes, and stand in the position of the very last bush you cut down. Warp to the present using the Tune of Currents or the Tune of Ages. From there, enter the cave and get the heart piece there.

12. Crescent Island (Present)
Start in the past, and head to the very north western screen of Crescent Island (where the raft is). Warp to the present, and go right one screen. Now swim up one screen, swim right to screens, and dive underwater. You'll notice a small passage way at the bottom of the screen that was not visible on the water's surface. Go down one screen into this passage, then down a further two screens. Now go left, down, left, and then keep swimming up until you run into a cave. Inside the cave is a chest containing a heart piece.