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The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages - Boss Guide

Pumpkin Head
Oracle of Ages Pumpkin Head Boss
Spirit's Cave

When you first meet Pumpkin Head, he will randomly walk around the room attacking you. When he opens his mouth, he will shoot three fire balls at you, so move out the way or go through a gap between them. Pumpkin Head also uses a jumping attack, where he will jump around the room trying to stomp on you, the attack is very easy to avoid by simply running from him. To kill Pumpkin Head, you need to hit his body with your sword. After enough damage is dealt, the body will disappear and the head will fall to the ground. Pick up the head and a ghost will fly out of it. You can damage the ghost by just hitting it with your sword, or throwing the head on it. The ghost will often move around the room and stay put in a corner, making it easy to hit. Just repeat this method of damaging the body and hurting the ghost and Pumpkin Head will die easily.

Head Thwomp
Oracle of Ages Head Thwomp Boss
Wing Dungeon

This boss is quite fun and different. It is largely a test of accuracy. For the entire battle, this cube-shaped boss will be spinning around, constantly cycling through it's four faces. To defeat Head Thwomp, you need to throw a bomb into the top of it. You need to time the bomb throw so that it lands inside the boss when the red face is showing. If you time it right, the boss will be damaged. However, if you land the bomb on any of the other faces, you will be attacked by fireballs, falling rocks, or orbs. You need to bomb the red face three times to kill the boss. Also, as the boss takes more damage, it will spin around faster, making it more difficult to hit the red face. You can either jump on one of the moving platforms and drop the bomb into the boss from there, or you can stand right on the edge on one of the stationary ledges at the top of the ladders and throw the bomb from there. Either way, you need to watch out for Head Thwomp's fire attack, where he periodicaly showers clusters of lava over the room. The best time to strike is immediately after the lava attack.

Shadow Hag
Oracle of Ages Shadow Hag Boss
Moonlight Grotto

Shadow Hag has two attacks. Firstly, she will split into four shadows that will move around the room. You need to avoid these shadows by running inbetween them. Next, the four shadows will join together and Shadow Hag's next attack phase will begin, where she spawns a group of harmful moths and will charge at Link. For this battle, equip the seed shooter with scent seeds. When Shadow Hag starts spawning the moths, move away from them and wait for Shadow Hag to charge you. Face away from her, and fire a seed at the wall so that it rebounds off the wall and hits Shadow Hag. If you turn to face the Shadow Hag, she will instantly disappear. Once you shoot five seeds at her, the Shadow Hag will be defeated.

Oracle of Ages Eyesoar Boss
Skull Dungeon

Eyesoar is a really easy boss. Use your sword to kill one or two of the four eyes that circle around Eyesoar. Next, use your switch hook on Eyesoar. This will swap you around and cause Eyesoar to become disoriented. While Eyesoar is disoriented, swipe him with your sword. Repeat this strategy a few times to kill Eyesoar.

Oracle of Ages Smog Boss
Crown Dungeon

Smog is perhaps one of the most interesting bosses to appear in a handheld Zelda game, and is certainly one of the most unique bosses. This boss stage is more like a puzzle stage. The generic aim of this fight is to use the Cane of Somaria to create pathways for the little puffs of Smog to collide with each other to create one big Smog. Once all the small puffs have been combined to form one big Smog, hit it with your sword to damage it.
Oracle of Ages Smog Boss

The boss battle is divided into four stages, which get progressively difficult. You should note that your sword is not just used for killing the big Smog. If you use the sword on a small cloud, it stops moving for a split second. Constantly swiping your sword will stop the cloud in it's tracks. This is useful for allowing other clouds to collide with it.

Stage 1
Oracle of Ages Smog Boss
Nothing much to this stage. Just place a block in the position shown in the screenshot in order to make the two clouds merge together.

Stage 2
Oracle of Ages Smog Boss Oracle of Ages Smog Boss
Place a block in between the two rows of blocks to combine the first two clouds. Wait until the medium sized cloud moves around your orange block and make the block disppear to pull the medium sized cloud to the second row of blocks. Now place a block in the area marked by the second screenshot. Remember, you can use your sword to halt one of the clouds, making them merge more quickly.

Stage 3
Oracle of Ages Smog Boss Oracle of Ages Smog Boss Oracle of Ages Smog Boss Oracle of Ages Smog Boss
Push the lower center block to the right, and create a block so that the small cloud is transported onto that block. Now create another block to transport the cloud onto the upper centre block. Now create a block in the position shown in the fourth screenshot to merge the two clouds.

Stage 4
Oracle of Ages Smog Boss Oracle of Ages Smog Boss Oracle of Ages Smog Boss Oracle of Ages Smog Boss
Combine the two small clouds in the matter demonstrated by the first two screenshots. Now take a look at the third screenshot: simply place a new block in the position shown, and the rest of the clouds will combine! Swipe down the big sized Smog, and he will be defeated once and for all.

Oracle of Ages Octogon Boss
Mermaid's Cave

This battle is fought on the surface and underwater. The battle will start at the surface, with Octogon shooting projectiles at you through a hole on it's back. The back of Octogon, where this hole is, is the weak point. When Octogon stops swimming and turns around to take aim, swipe it's back with your sword. When Octogon dives underwater, follow it down. While underwater Octogon will attack you with bubbles. You can either swim up to it and swipe it's back with your sword like you did at the surface, or you can shoot seeds at it.

Oracle of Ages Plasmarine Boss
Jabu-Jabu's Belly

This boss is quite easy. When it fires an orb at you, use the Long Hook to exchange places with the boss so that the orb hits the boss instead of you. Plasmarine also has an electric shock attack, where it charges it's body with electricty. You should keep good distance between you and Plasmarine at all times. This makes it easier to avoid it's electric attack, and gives you much more time to switch places with the Long Hook.

Oracle of Ages Ramrock Boss
Ancient Tomb

Stage 1: The first stage is really easy. Ramrock will float accross the room, launching his fists at you. All you need to do is hit the fists back at him using your sword. You can finish this part of the boss by just standing in one spot and swiping your sword. Once you've hurt Ramrock three times this way, stage two begins.

Stage 2: Ramrock's fists will now become claw-like, and he will move around the room trying to squash you between them. You need to throw a bomb inbetween his fists just before he smashes them together, if you are accurate enough the bomb will explode between his fists, damaging him. Three bomb explosions will trigger the third stage.

Stage 3: Ramrock wil equip himself with a shield. Ramrock move accross the room and attack you with fire balls. The fire ball attack is easy to avoid, you know it's coming because it takes a few moments for him to charge up. To hurt Ramrock, equip the seed shooter and shoot him with ember or scent seeds. The plants in the room will provide you with seeds should you run out. However, if you try and shoot a seed directly at Ramrock's front, he will simply block it with his shield. To hurt Ramrock, you need to shoot a seed at the wall so it bounces off and hits his back. For example, if Ramrock is coming towards the left, quickly shoot a seed diagonally to the right on the north wall. Once you have fired enough seeds, the final stage begins.

Stage 4: Ramrock will now equip himself with two ball and chains, and he will try to hit you with them. Equip the Power Gloves. When he launches one ball, run over to the other one and pull it downwards. Once you've pulled it far enough, let go and the ball will launch back at Ramrock and hurt him. You will need to do this quickly, otherwise he will pull back the other ball and launch it at you again. Repeat this tactic, and you will finally defeat Ramrock.

Veran - Possessed Ambi
Oracle of Ages Veran Boss
The Black Tower

This fight is basically the same as the possessed Nayru battle. To save Ambi, shoot mystery seeds at her, and use the hook shot right after in order to reveal Veran. Swipe Veran with your sword to damage her.

Veran - Fairy Form
Oracle of Ages Veran Fairy Boss
The Black Tower

After saving Queen Ambi, Veran now reveals her true form. Veran will fly around the room shooting fireballs at you. There will also be four evil versions of Link mimicing Link's footsteps. Veran will also charge up a giant fireball in order to shoot many fireballs around the room. Avoid the evil Links and the fireballs and, when Veran flys close at you, hit her with your sword. You don't have very long to hit her, so a spin attack is a good idea. After Veran has taken enough damage, she will go crazy and the final battle will begin.

Veran - Final Battle
Oracle of Ages Veran Beetle Boss Oracle of Ages Veran Bee Boss Oracle of Ages Veran Spider Boss
The Black Tower

In this fight, Veran will constantly shift between three animal forms: A beetle, bee, and spider. In the beetle form, Veran will jump around the room trying to squash you. When she lands, the floor around her will become corrupted. Just before she lands, use the Roc's Feather to jump out of the way. Eventually Veran will tire out, when she does she will stop jumping and her face will appear. Swipe it with your sword.
In spider form, Veran will try to stomp on you as well. She will also shoot spider web at you, and try to run into you. Her spider attacks are rather easily avoided, though. To hurt her in this form, you need to throw a bomb at her. If you are accurate enough and the bomb explodes on her, she will become temporarily disoriented, at which point you need to hit her with your sword. When Spider Veran jumps up in order to try and squash you, quickly place a bomb where you are standing and run out of the way, the explosion should hit her by the time she lands.
In her bee form, Veran will fly around the room, and she will also shoot stingers at you. This form is more difficult to avoid getting hurt by than the others, but there are also far more opportunities to damage Veran's bee form. Veran's bee form is vulnerable to your sword attacks 100% of the time.