The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap MP3 Music

These MP3 files are taken from the Ocarina of Time original soundtrack. To download the file you want, click on the name of a song. From there you will be taken to a download page where you can download your selected track.

Opening Title
Choose a File
Princess Zelda
South Hyrule Field
Shop Theme
Got Item
Picori Festival
Award Ceremony
Hyrule Caslte
North Hyrule Field
Minish Woods
The Minish Cap
Minish Village
Deepwood Shrine
Boss Theme
Got an Element
Secret Passage
Hyrule Town
Sword Dojo
Fairy Fountain
Mt. Crenel
Cave of Flame
Great Fairy Fountain
Elemental Sanctuary
Guardian Theme
Vaati's Origins
The Possessed King
Castor Wilds
Wild Ruins
Fortress of Winds
Tribe of the Winds
Ocarina of Wind
Temple of Droplets
Under Hyrule Castle
Royal Valley
Royal Crypt
Cloud Tops
Palace of Winds
Game Over
The Light Force
Dark Hyrule Castle
Vaati Form A
Vaati Form B
Broken Curse
Final Encounter
Staff Roll