The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap - Codebreaker Codes

Master Code (Must be on for other codes to work)
00006E8A 000A
1001D6A6 0007

Master Code (European Version)
0000F41B 000A
1001D6FE 0007

Jump Code (Press L to jump over anything)
73000FF0 0200
3300116C 0004

Have all the Tiger Scrolls
82002B44 5555

Infinite Health
32002AEA 00A0

Maximum Health
32002AEB 00A0

Infinite Rupees
82002B00 03E7

Infinite Shells
82002B02 03E7

Infinite Bombs and Arrows
82002AEC 6363

Have Flippers, Rings, and Bracelet
32002B43 0055

Always get a New Figure
330019DA 0064

Link Color Modifier
Replace '?' with a value ranging from 0 to F.
3300117A 006?

Always Shoot Light Arrows
73003FA0 0E00
83003FA0 7800