The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap - Bosses / Boss Guide

Big Green Chuchu (Deepwood Shrine)
Minish Cap Boss - Big Green Chuchu
This is a very easy fight. The Big Green Chuchu will move around the room and attempt to leap on top of Link. This attack isn't very hard to avoid, especially since you can roll out of the way. When the Chuchu isn't jumping around, use the gust jar on it. The jar will suck out a bunch of goo from the Chuchu, and eventually this will cause it to fall down. While it is down, swipe it with your sword to damage it. Repeat this a few times and Big Green Chuchu will be history.

Gleerok (Cave of Flames)
Minish Cap Boss - Gleerok
Gleerok's weak point is the yellow point at the centre of his shell. Gleerok will attack with fire breath, shooting streams of fire at Link. That attack is pretty easy to avoid. Gleerok will also shake the room and cause rocks to fall onto the ground. To kill him, you need to run behind him and fire the Cane of Pacci at his big red shell. This will knock him out for a few moments, and his head will lie accross the floor creating a pathway for you to get to the centre of his shell. Strike it with your sword in order to damage him. Repeat this tactic and Gleerok will die in no time.

Mazaal (Fortress of Winds)
Minish Cap Boss - Mazaal
When the fight starts, notice the pink eyeballs in the palms of Mazaal's hands. You need to defeat both of these eyes, to defeat one shoot an arrow at it, then hit it repeatedly with your sword until it disappears. You will need to be reasonably quick in defeating both the eyes, as they do eventually regenerate. Once both eyes are down, Mazaal's head will collapse. Shrink yourself down and enter the entrance to the head (the bit that looks like Mazaal's mouth). Inside there will be six pillars, surrounded by earth. One of these pillars has an eye, you need to hit this pillar with your sword. Dig out the earth quickly in order to locate the eyeball pillar. Cnce you have hit it enough times it will disappear and you'll be teleported back into the main boss room (from there, you'll need to shrink youself back up). You need to repeat this strategy a total of three times in order to finally kill Mazaal. Be careful after you have hurt him twice, as he will start to shoot you with ranged beam attacks. The first beam (blue) will electrify you, the other (red) will shrink you to minish size.

Giant Octorok (Temple of Droplets)
Minish Cap Boss - Giant Octorok
This boss is technically a normal Octorok, but, just like the Big Green Chuchu, it appears giant because you are minish size! To defeat the Giant Octorok, you need to deflect the rocks it shoots out of it's mouth right back at it, using your sword or shield. Once you have hurt the Octorok with enough rock deflections, it will become encased in ice and will start to rotate around the room, attempting to inhale Link. While the Octorok is encased in ice, you need to run around to the back of it, and set it's tail on fire using the Lantern. Doing so will damage the boss. After setting it's tail on fire, the Octorok will rattle around the room in pain, causing rocks to fall to the ground. Shortly afterward, the Octorok will de-ice itself and you will need to deflect some more rocks back at it.
You will need to burn the Giant Octorok's tail a total of three times in order to kill it.

Gyorg Pair (Palace of Winds)
Minish Cap Boss - Gyrog Pair (Red) Minish Cap Boss - Gyrog Pair (Blue)
This boss is pretty fun, and is a nice break from a traditional boss room - you get to fight right up in the sky! Killing these monsters involves alternating between them, jumping from one another using the Roc's Cape. When you are on the large red beast, you will need to make three copies of Link and use them to swipe the three eyes simultaneously. Once the red beast is damaged, you'll need to jump on top of the blue one. With the blue beast, one of it's eyes will open up now and again, and you need to quickly swipe it with your sword. Repeating these tactics will eventually yield victory. As the battle progress, the monsters gain more attacks. Whilst on the red beast, the blue monster will charge at you and shoot fireballs. While you are flying on the blue beast, it will attempt to swipe you with it's tail. In both phases, packs of birds will randomly fly towards you. You can either avoid the birds, or use your sword to kill any that are in your path.

Vaati (Dark Hyrule Castle)
Vaati is a relatively long boss fight. It comes in three different phases.

First Form:
Minish Cap Boss - Vaati Reborn
Vaati's first form is a powered up version of his human-like form. He sports a big robe with an eye in the center. You will notice a bunch of eyes appear and circle around him. Your goal is to kill all of the eyes (they die with one swipe of the sword). Once all the surrounding eyes are dead, the large eye at the center of Vaati will open up: swipe your sword at it constantly to damage him. You'll need to keep repeating this step of killing the eyes, then damaging the main central eye. As ever, as the fight progresses it gets tricker. Vaati will shoot fire balls at you, and if the eyes surrounding him suddenly stop moving, jump out the way as it means they are about to shoot lazer beams! Thankfully, the eyes will remain confined to one spot as they shoot their lazers. Finally, Vaati will randomly teleport around the room when his central eye is vulnerable, so be quick on your feet in order to catch him.

Second Form:
Minish Cap Boss - Vaati Transfigured
Vaati's second form has him turn into a giant eyebal, and he is surrounded by... more eyeballs. Equip your Bow and shoot at the eyeballs surrounding Vaati. If you shoot one successfully, the eye will reveal itself to be blue or red. You are interested in the red eyes only. Once all four red eyes have been revealed, use the Four Sword to make four copies of Link and strike the red eyes simultaneously. Repeat this tactic and Vaati will move onto his final form. In his second form, Vaati has a particularly annoying attack which sends a cluster of purple spikes around the room, and it's easy to let this attack prevent you from hurting the red eyes by running into one of the spikes and making your clones of Link disappear. It is best to try and make your copies of Link straight after Vaati uses his purple spike attack, as you won't get hit by them and you can cut down any ones that are on the ground with a simple swipe of your sword.

Final Form:
Minish Cap Boss - Vaati's Wrath
You thought you'd saved Hyrule? Not quite! Your first goal is to defeat both of Vaati's arms. Vaati's attacks are pretty easy to avoid at this stage of the fight, just try not to get cornered by him. When Vaati sends one of his arms into the ground, use the Cane of Pacci on it, then shrink down and enter inside it. Inside the arm will be a swarm of bugs, you need to focus on a particular bug and kill it as quickly as you can, as you only have a limited amount of time to do so. The bug in question has a slighlty different eye than all the other bugs. All the other bugs will have a stationary red eye, but the eye of the bug you need to kill will move around and look towards your direction. Once the bug is dead, the arm will be destroyed. Repeat this tactic for the other arm, though note that the next arm will be pitch black inside and you'll need the Lantern to see the bugs. Once both arms are gone, the small eyes in front of Vaati will now open. Both Vaati and the four eyes have a ranged attack. Vaati will send clusters of lightning flying at you, whilst the four eyes will occasionally charge up energy and shoot balls of lightning at you. You need to create four copies of Link and deflect the four bolts of lightning the eyes shoot at you. When you do this, Vaati will become temporarily stunned, at which point you need to need to attack with with your sword. Repeat this strategy, and Vaati will be vanquished!