Zelda Minecraft Server
Join ZeldaCraft, our Legend of Zelda themed Minecraft server!
Server Address: play.wiizelda.net

Zelda Minecraft Server

Welcome to ZeldaCraft, a Legend of Zelda Minecraft Server.

You can connect to our server at the following address: play.wiizelda.net

Donation - Help keep ZeldaCraft online!

Servers cost money to host, and any donations in support of our Minecraft server are greatly appreciated! Donate just $5 and you can become a VIP on the server, giving you access to many exclusive features.

For more information about donating and becoming a VIP, please visit this page!

Apply to be a mod!

If you are interested please click here and follow the instructions!

Server Rules

- Strictly no griefing. We are able to tell who griefed what, and any significant griefing my result in a permanent ban. Griefing includes but is not limited to: destroying people's buildings, building over people's buildings, and stealing from their chests.
- We ask you keep the server map relatively "tidy". For example, you shouldn't leave acres of floating trees or gigantic columns of blocks.
- We remind everyone that you need to place a sign on your chests (no need for you to write anything on the site, the script does it all for you) in order to lock them to you. If you don't then anyone is free to open the chest and take anything from it.
- If a building of yours has been griefed, any admin or moderator online should be able to undo the damage using CoreProtect.
- We ask you refrain from building complex redstone circuits, since they can be very CPU intensive. You must also avoid any other activity that might cause lag such as spawning large numbers of npcs, trying to spam commands, and so on.

- To 'claim' a house/building that you built, you should place a door with a sign above it marked "[Private]" (without the quotes).
- Entering a claimed property in any way is not allowed without the permission of the property's owner.
- Building very near a property is not allowed without the permission of the property's owner.

- Usage of 'hacked' clients or mods to gain unfair advantages (such as flying or a speed boost) is strictly forbidden. Using them is subject to a ban.
- Mods/clients that do not affect gameplay and are cosmetic only are allowed. Examples include using a custom texture pack, or OptiFine.

Social Conduct
- Use common sense - if you are unsure about something, ask a staff member. If you think something you are about to do is bad, then you probably don't want to do it.
- Be friendly - do not bully or abuse other members. Breaking this rule may incur jail time or a ban.
- Do not beg for creative mode, or for an administrative position on the server. Breaking this rule may incur jail time.
- Pretending you are a server admin or operator is forbidden and subject to a ban or jail time.
- Do not advertise other servers/services/etc. Breaking this rule is subject to a ban.
- You should respect the decisions of admins and moderators. However, if you feel an admin or moderator is abusing their power please contact me, preferably with evidence such as screenshots, and I will investigate.