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Link's Crossbow Training - Review

Link's Crossbow Training is one of the few Zelda spin-offs, the other being Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland. To the credit of Link's Crossbow Training, a number of it's features are well done. Firstly, the controls are pretty solid, and the sensitivity of the controls can be adjusted to meet your needs. The shooting system is also quite well thought out. The basic objective of the game is to shoot down as many targets as possible, but there is a good amount of depth. Shooting targets consecutively awards additional points, there are different kinds of targets to shoot (and avoid shooting), and there are plenty of non-standard targets to shoot (such as shooting a door down or firing at an enemy to gain extra points). The graphics, taken straight from the game engine of Twilight Princess, look very pretty.

Going against the game is the Wii Zapper itself, and the game's lifespan. The Wii Zapper has not been the most successful of peripherals, and it is perfectly possible to play Link's Crossbow Training with just your WiiMote and the Nun-Chuk. Meanwhile, Link's Crossbow Training is very short, and finishing all the stages will only take an hour or two. The two-player mode, where you have to take it in turns to play, feels pretty pointless. The only things extending the game's lasting appeal are the high scores.

Nonetheless, Link's Crossbow Training is a reasonable game given it's cheap price. But rather than buying the standard package of Wii Zapper + Link's Crossbow Training, perhaps it is better to hunt down a copy of the game without the Wii Zapper.

Link's Crossbow Training Score: 6/10
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