Links Awakening

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Links Awakening Game Information
· Prologue
· Commercials
· Review
· Critic Reviews

Game Guides
· Trading Sequence
· Boss Guide
· Dungeon Maps
· Gameshark Codes
· Game Genie Codes
· Free Shop Items
· Secret Seashells

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· Box Art
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Information & Features:
  • First ever handheld Zelda game
  • Later the DX version was released
  • Release dates: 1993 (Japan), 1998 (USA), 1998 (Europe)
  • Original Platform: Gameboy (GB)
  • Other Platforms: Gameboy Colour (GBC)

  • Information & Guides
    Game Information
    · Prologue - The official prologue for Links Awakening, taken from the manual.
    · Commercials - Commercials Nintendo used to promote Links Awakening.
    · Review - What I thought of the game.
    · Critic Reviews - What they thought about the game.

    Game Guides
    · Trading Sequence - How to complete the trading sequence (which is mandatory to finish the game).
    · Boss Guide - How to defeat the various bosses in Links Awakening.
    · Dungeon Maps - Shows the full layout of all of the dungeons in Links Awakening.
    · Gameshark Codes - These codes will also work with the Action Replay cheat devices.
    · Game Genie Codes - Use at your own risk!
    · Free Shop Items - Don't have a gameshark? You can still get free items, for a different price.

    · Quiz - Test out your Links Awakening knowledge with our quiz!
    · Box Art - The box art used the packadge the game.
    · Sprite Sheets - Sprite sheets taken directly from the game's graphics.