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The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening - Trading Sequence

1. Yoshi Doll
Go to the trendy game to the southeast of Mabe Village and get the Yoshi Doll with the crane, it's in the middle of the screen. It even stays completely still so you can grasp it easily.

2. Ribbon
Go to the house just north of the Trendy game in which the couple and their newborn child reside. Talk to the mother and she will trade you a ribbon for the Yoshi Doll.

3. Dog Food
Go to the house which bow-wow is outside of. Go inside the little hut to the left and talk to the little bow-wow. She will offer to trade up her dog food for your ribbon.

4. Bananas
Head down to Toronbo Shores and visit the house of the Crocodile who sells Bananas (don't ask). He will eat your dog food and give you a bunch of bananas in return.

5. Twig
Continue through the game and during one sequence, you will run into Kiki the Monkey. He will take your bananas, and he and his friends will build a bridge for you so you can progress. As Kiki runs away, he leaves a sturdy twig behind.. naturally, you take it!

6. Honeycomb
Continue some more through the game and you will run into Tarin trying to take a honeycomb from a tree. Lend him the twig and he'll poke it down, but the (now angry) bees will chase him off... so while he's gone, take the honeycomb for yourself!

7. Pineapple
Once you reach the animal village, go to the house which the bear chef resides in (his house is towards the south east of the village). He will trade your honeycomb for a pineapple.

8. Flowers
Continue through the game some more, and you will encounter a certain man who is lost in the mountians above the angler's tunnel. He will eat your pineapple and will give you a nice-looking flower in return.

9. Mr. Write's Letter
Go to the animal village and talk to the goat. She will take your flower and request you take a letter to her penpal, Mr Write.

10. New Broom
Head right up north to Mr. Write and give him the letter. Contained with the later it is a rather interesting picture.. in return for your deed, Mr. Write will give you a new broom.

11. Fishing Hook
Head back to the animal village and talk to the elderly woman (the same one found in Mabe Village earlier). She will be delighted that you brought her a nice new broom and will give you a fishing hook in return!

12. Necklace
Go to Martha's Bay and swim under the bridge near the mermaid statue. Give the fishing hook to the fisherman underneath the bridge and he will angle up something rather interesting.. a necklace. He will give it to you.

13. Mermaid Scale
To the screen left of the Catfish's Maw dungeon is a mermaid. Present her with the necklace you got and she will thank you for finding it, allowing you to take a scale from her fin in return.

14. Magnifying Glass
Go over to the mermaid statue and place the scale you got onto it. Enter the secret cave, and at the end you will find the magnifying glass.

Extra Info: Boomerang
Now that you have the magnifying glass, not only can you complete the game (not gonna spoil where it comes in of course!) but you can also use it to obtain the elusive boomerang weapon! Go to Toronbo Shores (the place where you found your sword at the start of the game) and look for a crack in one of the walls. Bomb the wall and enter the cave - inside is a moblin that will offer to trade your B-slot item for the Boomerang (your best bet is to trade it for your shovel). Note that you can't see this guy if you don't have the magnifying glass.