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The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening - Gameshark Codes

These codes can be used on a Gameshark or Action Replay system; be advised that codes do not always grant the intended effect and may, in some cases, damage your game. You have been warned!
01185ADB Unlimited Health
Infinite Rupees
010749DB All 3 Ocarina Songs
013045DB Infinite Arrows
01304DDB Infinite Bombs
01204CDB Infinite Magic Power
9101D0DB Infinite Small Keys
0101CFDB All Nightmare Keys
01200FDB All Secret Shells
010046C1 Roc's Feather allows you to fly
010211C1 Disables all NPCs/enemies, meaning they cannot harm you.
010156DB Always have Bowow following you
01017BDB Always have the legendary Rooster following you
010073DB Always have Marin following you
0180ADC1 Walk on water
01100AC1 Walk through walls/objects (to enter/exit doorways you will need to disable this code)