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The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening - Boss Guide

Dungeon 1 - Moldorm
Moldorm is a giant, snake-like creature. It's weak point is at the end of it's tail, which you have to strike 4 times in order to slay him. As his health is depleted he moves faster around the room, and if he bumps into you, you will lose health and be knocked back. Make sure you are not knocked back into a pit at the edge of the room, otherwise you will have to start the whole fight again!

Dungeon 2 - Dark Genie
He will throw fireballs at you at the start of the fight. Avoid them (Roc's Feather can give you more mobility in doing so).Afterwards, he will retreat to his bottle, saying nothing can break it! Strike it with your Sword and then pick it up using the braclet of strength and toss it accross the room. Repeat this tactic until he breaks out of his bottle. His spirit will fly accross the room shooting fireballs at you. Avoid them and cut him with your sword until he dies.

Dungeon 3 - Slime Eyes
Charge at the wall with the Pegasus Boots and he will come flying down. Swipe hastily with your sword until the eye is held together by a strand, and charge at the strand with your Sword and Pegasus Boots to split it into two eyes. Now just focus on killing the two eyes seperately by using your sword, avoiding thier jumping attacks.

Dungeon 4 - Angler
An easy boss. Just swipe at the glowing antenna on his head until it dies. Little fish swim and rocks fall about now and then but they, along with Angler's charge attack, are easily avoided.

Dungeon 5 - Slime Eel
This beast will poke his head out of one of the four holes around the room. Face one of the holes and, whilst dodging his attacks, use the hookshot immediately on him if he pokes out of the hole you are facing. Hit his head with the sword lots of times; repeat this tactic to eventually defeat him.

Dungeon 6 - Facade
During this fight, a face will appear and vanish on the floor. Place a bomb on the floor, timed in such a way it will explode whilst the face is showing. This will damage the boss; repeat the tactic to kill him. Watch out for the pits that appear in the fight.

Dungeon 7 - Evil Eagle
The eagle will fly accross the screen, and you need to take care in making sure you stay put on the tower, as falling off will reset the fight. You can use your sword to hit the eagle's head to damage him as he flys by, or you can also use the hookshot. The eagle will also flap it's wings to create a big gust of wind; run to the centre of the screen and use your shield to block the gusts of wind or you'll be blown off.

Dungeon 8 - Hot Head
As he jumps out the lava, use the magic rod on him until his armor breaks off. Afterwards, keep using the magic rod to kill him, whilst watching out for the lava that sprays around the room. This is a pretty straightforward fight.

Wind Fish's Egg - Nightmare Bosses
First Form - Sprinkle magic power on the giant slime ball to defeat it.
Second Form - The wizard will charge and shoot a magical bolt. If he shoots a solid ball, you can hit it with your sword, which will reflect it back to him and cause damage. However, if he shoots a different bolt avoid it since even your L2 shield can't block them.
Third Form - Use the same tatics as you did with Moldorm (the game's first boss) to kill this guy. You must do it quick though, since doing it too slowly will allow the boss time to heal (indicated by him starting to slow down).
Fourth Form - Use your sword, or use the Pegasus Boots to charge at him, whilst avoiding his ranged attacks.
Fifth Form - An easy way of killing this boss is to put up your shield and let the monster push you towards a corner of the room. Place a bomb and keep your shield up; the bomb will explode and kill the boss. Since you don't take damage from bomb explosions in Link's Awakening, this method will not hurt you.
Final Form - Deathl - Avoid Deathl's giant arm swings, whilst shooting it in the eye with the Bow+Arrow or Boomerang when it's open. Arrows take quite a few hits to bring it down, but the Boomerang will kill it in one hit!