The Legend of Zelda

Game Information
· Prologue
· Commercials
· Ending Screenshots
· Characters

Game Guides
· Boss Guide
· Walkthrough
· Second Quest
· Game Genie Codes
· Cheats & Glitches
· Dungeon Maps

· Zelda Sprites
· MP3's
· Sprite Sheets
· Box Art

Information & Features:
  • The first Zelda game ever created
  • Release dates: 1986 (Japan), 1987 (USA), 1987 (Europe)
  • Original Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
  • Other Platforms: GBA, GameCube

  • Information & Guides
    Game Information
    · Prologue - The official prolouge for the game. This text is taken directly from the game's manual.
    · Commercials - Links to the (downright wierd and outdated!) commercials Nintendo used to promote LoZ.
    · Ending Screenshots - If you can't be bothered to complete the game (you should!), here's how it ends!
    · Characters - Information about the characters in the game.

    Game Guides
    · Boss Guide - This guy will tell you how to defeat the different boss monsters in the game.
    · Walkthrough - Various walkthroughs which will take you, step by step, through the game.
    · Second Quest - Explains what the Second Quest is, and how to unlock it.
    · Game Genie Codes - These codes will allow you to cheat in the game.. use at your own risk!
    · Cheats & Glitches - A number of cheats for the game.
    · Dungeon Maps - Provides a full layout of each of the dungeons in the game.

    · Sprite Sheets - A number of sprite sheets avaiable for use in fan games, comics, etc.
    · Box Art - The box art used the packadge the game.