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The Legend of Zelda - Cheats & Glitches

A number of cheats and glitches for the game. If you were looking for codes, then check the Game Genie Codes page.

  • Fewer enemies - If you kill all the enemies on a screen except one, the next time you pass through the screen that enemy will only be there and the others will not have respawned back.
  • Easy Killing - If you kill all the weak enemies on a screen and leave and re-enter that screen, the stronger enemies will be replaced by weaker ones.
  • Fast Save - Press start on controller one, and press UP+START on controller 2 in order to save your game quickly.

  • Unlock a Door - Upon entering the first dungeon, exit and then re-enter. The northern door will now be gone and unlocked!
  • Health Restoration - Visit a great fairy and press start. Use a controller in port 2 and press UP + A in order to return to the save menu. Save and load your profile. Now your health will be fully restored upon starting, rather then at the default of 3 hearts.