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The Legend of Zelda - Boss Guide

The bosses in this guide appear in the order you discover them (so Aquamentus, a dragon-like creature, appears in the first dungeon, and so on). Each boss kill gains you a heart container, as well as a part of the triforce of wisdom.

This boss doesn't really require much effort to kill. Just swipe at him with your sword, avoiding his ranged fireball attacks. If you have a magical shield, the fireballs can be blocked without taking any damage.
Note: This boss also appears in the seventh labrynth.

This boss is pretty easy too - to kill it, put a bomb beside it's mouth as it walks around. It will consume the bomb and it will subsequently explode in his stomach, causing some hefty damage. Repeat this again and the boss will die.

This flower-like boss will shoot bolts of fire at you. It has four heads, and the aim is to destroy each of them. You can use your sword to do so, but you will have to take particular care to avoid being fireballed to death. Also, as you defeat each head, the creature will move around faster, making it harder for you to hit. You can also use bombs to dispose of the heads, since you can throw them and avoid having to go into melee range. In fact, with some precision you can place a bomb at the centre of the creature to destroy all four heads in one explosion.

This dragon has two heads, and the aim is to destroy both of them. Cut one of them down using your sword (having full power helps so you can attack from a distance). When one of the heads is detatched it will float around the room and shoot bolts of fire at you. Now kill the other head to finish Gleeok off.

Play the recorder and Digdogger will split into three inferior parts. Play it again and these creatures will become stunned. Now just cut away at them and you win; easy.

This boss is invulnerable to all your attacks but one - your arrow shoot. When it's eye opens, shoot an arrow into it and it will die.
Note: There are a few other Gohma monsters in the game; they can either be red or blue. Red ones can be killed with one arrow to the eye, while the blue ones take three arrows to kill.

Ganon vanishes and will appear for a split second, shooting fire bolts at you. You need to hit him with the magical sword four times. Afterwards, he will become stunned and you can kill him by shooting him with a silver arrow.