The Legend of Zelda: Roms & Emulation

Using an emulator program, as well as a game file (commonly referred to as a ROM), you can play games (usually from old systems) on your computer. To play games from different systems, you will need to run the respective emulator (for instance, VisualBoy Advance will emulate Gameboy & Gameboy Advance games).

There are various different emulators available for different systems, although a few notable ones include these:
  • VisualBoyAdvance - Plays Gameboy Advance and Gamebody/Colour games.
  • ZNes - Plays SNES games.
  • Project 64 - Plays Nintendo 64 games.

    ROM Files
    ROMs are files which contain all the game information, ready to use with an emulator program, to play a game with. However, the production of such ROMs is illegal; some sites may say things such as 'you are allowed to use ROMs as long as you delete them within 24 hours of use', but these are just myths; any kind of ROM which emulates a commercial game is, quite simply, illegal to use.
    Other ROMs, such as homebrew games developed by individuals for non-profitable intentions, are fine to use and emulators are useful for individual developers to test thier games.
    Since commercial ROMs are pretty much illegal, we would rather support Nintendo by not making them available for download here.